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Akwamuman senior high school falls under category b

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Q: What category is Akwamuman Senior High School Akosombo?
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Which category does akwamuman senior high fall under?

Akwamuman senior high school falls under category b

Which category is oda senior high school?

category A

Which category is nkawkaw senior high school placed?


Which category does swedru senior high school fall under?

swedru senior high school must be at category A schools because they have almost all the facilities and when it comes to performance ask G.E.S they will answer you

Is labone senior secondary school in category this year?

Yes of course

The position of ngleshie amanfro senior high school in Ghana interms of grade?

Ngleshie amanfro senior high school ( nasec) has now moved to category b due to our hard working, excellent performance and brilliant personal in the school.

Does a Senior Supervisor have to be a Category Supervisor?

Yes, a Senior Supervisor must be a Category Supervisor.(See the Related question.)

Which category is Aburaman senior high fall under?

category c

List of senior secondary schools in Ghana with category and code?

wesley girls accra acadamy adisadel college presbey boys legon Gomoa senior high technical school st peters aburi girls achimota school mfantsipem school

What is the cut-off point for placement into category A senior high schools in Ghana?

mpraeso senior high

Are you considered a high school senior the summer of your senior year or when you actually physically start school?

As soon as school is out after 11th grade, you are a senior!

When was The King's School Senior created?

The King's School Senior was created in 1987.