What catfish can you eat?

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bullheads, channel catfish, flathead catfish, and blue catfish.

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Q: What catfish can you eat?
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Related questions

Do tropical catfish eat other fish?

Catfish will anything it can catch. The catfish does not have to be tropical to eat other fish. Catfish in general will eat anything that will fit in it's mouth.

Do catfish eat turtle?

It matters on which type of catfish. Some catfish eat fish, while other catfish eat vegetables on the sea floor.

Does a shark eat a catfish?

Yes, sharks sometimes do eat catfish.

What can catfish do?

Catfish can swim. Some Amazonian catfish can eat people

What do Catfish do?

Catfish can swim. Some Amazonian catfish can eat people

Does trout eat catfish?

No, trout does not eat catfish. Trout are yoo small to eat them anyway.

What eats catfish?

People eat catfish.

Can goldfish eat catfish?

No. a goldfish is much too small to eat a catfish.

Do catfish eat plants or animals?

Catfish eat aquatic plants, animals, and insects.

What eats Blue Catfish and what does it eat?

they eat small fish and people eats catfish

Can you eat raw catfish?

No, it is not recommended to eat catfish raw.

What animals eat catfish?

Catfish are a fresh water fish so hawks, otters, muskrats, bobcats, raccoons, would eat a catfish.

Do catfish eat tropical fish food?

yes catfish are scavengers and eat most things

Does a catfish eat grass?

No, catfish will eat other fish, shrimp, water bugs, but no grass

What else does a vampire squid eat besides catfish?


Do catfish eat other fish?

It depends on the catfish species.

What eats redtail catfish?

Humans eat Redtail Catfish.

Can you eat catfish?

Yes you can eat catfish.but you have to be a dogfish :)Yes you can.

Do catfish eat meatloaf?

Catfish will eat whatever they can find, which would include meatloaf, if thrown into the water.

Do catfish eat shrimp?

Yes, Catfish eat shrimp....A lot of them....tell that to your smart-ass father....

Do cat-fishes eat cats?

No! Catfish do not eat cats catfish eat pretty much everything that will fit in it's mouth

Would a catfish eat another catfish if they both had no food?

Yes, there maybe some cases where a catfish won't eat a catfish oof it's ownspecies (like a channel cat not eating a channel cat) but I'm sure all of them will eat smaller different catfish (Yellowhead eating a bullhead)

Can catfish be put with goldfish?

no, because they will fight and the catfish will eat the goldfish

Why do catfish eat smaller catfish?

because regular cats have babys and sometimes the male cat eats the babys, South American Red tailed Catfish eat Corydoras Tiger Shovelnose eat small pleco and corydoras channel catfish eat flagtail and porthole cats

Does catfish eat seaweed?