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What cause a pinging or tapping sound under the valve covers of a Cadillac Brougham?


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engine pingengine pinging can be caused by several different is a list of things to check.

low octane fule.use higher octane fule.

ignition parts .replace spark plugs,ignition wires,distributor cap andignition rotor.check ignition coil.

egr valve not working properly.check diaphragm and vacume line to egr.clean carbonbuild up in the intake manifold between the egr valve and throttle body.

engine running hotter then normal.check antifreeze,thermostat,electric fan,fan clutch.radiator and water pump.

engine timing out of adjustment.have timing corrected, checked for,worn timing belt or chain,worn out distributor shaft,timing adjustment on fly wheel.

===other ping or tap under the valve covers==

sticking lifters, excessive clearances, some parts loose inside the valve covers, pushrod(s) bent

A farmers' method is to take a long screwdriver, put the handle against your ear and the blade against valve cover with engine running (be careful so nothing you wear nor any body parts are caught in the fan and the belts, and that you don't burn yourself on the engine or exhaust headers) - by moving the screwdriver blade front to back on the cover, and even down to the block between exhaust ports, you should be able to hear where the noise is located.


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could be worn rocker arms ( under valve covers ) or lifters

its called light filler it covers the wiring to the back tailights same like a bumper filler that fills the space on the front bumper

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Under the valve covers, on top of the cylinder heads.

When does it make a tapping noise? When your !) braking and turning wheel B) braking c) engine idling D) starting engine E) turning. I mean it just all depends....

you have to remove the radiator and fans and all the covers and then the alternator will be a piece of cake to pull out and replace

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To remove the rear speakers on a 1997 Cadillac Sedan Deville, first remove the two screws under the plastic covers surrounding the rear speakers. Lift the plastic covering and the speakers should come off.

On mine it's located top front of the engine under the top section of the plastic split covers

Located on left side of steering column. Take off both covers and you will find the turn signal relay.

With the engine at operating temperature remove the valve covers. With the engine idling back off on the rocker arm nut until the rocker starts tapping. Tighten the rocker arm slowly until the noise stops. Then tighten it 3/4 of a turn more. Do each one the same and reinstall the valve covers.

There are three plastic tabs at the bottom of the fancy covers, two on the front and one on the end below the odd looking slot with a tab poking through. You can sort of see the end one with a good light the two front are by feel.

The torque specs for a Cadillac depend on which engine it has. For most 425, 572, 368, and 500 engines, the torque for the head bolts is 115 ft. pounds. The torque for the cam bolts is 25 ft. pounds, and the torque for the valve covers is 10 ft. pounds.

you have to take the valve covers off and remove the cam then take a magnet and pull them out they are shinny so you will see them right off the bat but if you are getting a tapping noise then just use lucas oil stabilizer on your next oil change

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Open the hood and stand by the right side fender. You are now standing facing the FRONT of the engine. Look at both valve covers ( V8 engine 2 valve covers ) . The cover that ENDS ( nearer to you ) is # 1 cylinder. Dont matter what kind of V8. Closest valve cover end to front #1

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