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Depends. If It Is Front Brakes, They May Have A Hose Collasped Over Time The Rubber Hoses Will Deterate On The Inside Not Allowing The Brake Fluid To Return To The Master Cylinder, Causing The Brakes To Stick. If You Have A Sticking Caliper Most Likely The Hose Is Bad. When Doing A Brake Job It Is Always A Good Idea To Replace The Front Hoses. Make sure the area where the pads rest on the caliper is free of any rust as they must be able to slide freely back and forth as the brakes are applied and let off.If rust builds up they will stick and drag. Also make sure the sliders move freely. I found that when i did the front brakes on my 89 tracker there was rust under the stainless clips which was binding up the pads. Clean under there. Before you reinstall the caliper over the pads try to move the pads in the clips they should move freely.

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Q: What cause the brakes to stick on a Geo Tracker?
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