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Emmett "Curly" Thornton died in Montana at age 50, on 21 January 1999. But the cause of death is not easily found: internet rumors say he was murdered, which would not be surprising given that he was accused of child abuse, rape, and domestic violence. But the only newspapers that have this information do not seem to be available online. You may want to contact the Billings, Montana or Butte, Montana public library, and see if they can check his obituary for you.

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Q: What cause the death of curly thornton?
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Curly Thornton's cause of death is not known, but it is suspected that he was murdered.

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Emmett Curly Thornton was a politician and an Evangelist. He is known for his run for President in 1991. He tried to gain the Democratic nomination that year. But he lost against Bill Clinton. He also is known for establishing the Curly Thornton Ministries, which is believed to have been a cult. He died on January 21, 1999.

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