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  • Because there was a war between North and South Korea


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North Korea is not a free country but South Korea is.

How did the conflict between the North Korea and South K orea start?

There is no sea between North and South Korea. The border between the two is on land.

North Korea is a dictatorship and South Korea is a capitalist country.

Yes, North Korea and South Korea are two different countries.

no, about that question, there was war that cause by N. Korea, but not by South. South Korea wanting to get more peace between north and South Korea.

The 38th Parallel. Rather close to the South Korean city of Janggok

i think north Korea wants to start a war with south Korea

No, there is no known war between the North Korea and south Korea, but that can change North Korea may attack the south, but South Korea is way ahead against North Korea in military technology, weapons etc.

Communist NORTH Korea tried to take over (conquer) South Korea.

i think the war between North Korea and SOUTH Korea is only Korean War. it happend in 1950, it end in 1953

NO. The division between North and South Korea is political, based on the Cold War divide between Communism, centered in North Korea and formerly supported by the Soviet Union, and Capitalist Dictatorship, centered in South Korea and supported by the United States. Because of the State Religion of Juche in North Korea and the growth of Evangelical Christianity in South Korea, there is increasingly becoming a religious division in the Korean peninsula, but this is an end-result of the division, not its cause.

North Korea is a communist nation. South Korea is not.

north was communist and south was more democratic

The strip of land is known as the demilitarized zone (DMZ). It acts as a buffer between the North and South Korea.

They are divided along the 38th parallel, it cuts the penisula roughly in half

In 1945 the 38th Parallel established the dividing boundary between both North and South Korea .

The division of North and South Korea was the 38th Parallel before the war, during the war, and after the war.

North Korea is a dynastic communist dictatorship and South Korea is an elected liberal democracy.

North Korea is communist and South Korea is democratic. The religion in North Korea is Buddhism and Confucianism and to a lesser extent Christianity and syncretic Chondogo. The religion in South Korea is Buddhism and CHristianity.

The border between North and Soth Korea is called the Demilitarized Zone

North and South KoreaKorea in divided into north and southNorth KoreaSouth Korea

North Korea. China likes it this way, which is why they prop up North Korea as a communist buffer state between themselves and U.S.-backed South Korea.

There are 123.852 miles between Seoul, South Korea and Pyongyang, North Korea.

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