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If you are a woman, it could be pregnancy.

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Q: What cause the feeling of bad smell of food and feel like vomiting?
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How does it feel like when vomiting biles?

If a person is vomiting bile, they will not be feeling at all well. The reason for vomiting bile could be because of a recent meal, that was not fully digested before vomiting. The person might be allergic to the food and this caused the vomiting along with the digestive enzymes and juices called bile. If a person has had a recent gallbladder surgery, this too could cause bile vomiting. In either case the individual will not enjoy the sensation and may feel slightly light headed after completion.

What is another word for a sense or feeling?

touch, taste, smell, sensibility, feel

Does vomiting cause clammy skin?

Vomiting can cause clammy skin. When one vomits, it depletes the body of nutrition and electrolytes. This may affect the appearance and feel of skin.

How do you stop yourself vomiting?

I've heard that if you take deep breaths when u feel that nasiousness it helps the feeling to relax.

What is the meaning of nasya?

I think you mean "nausea." If you do, this is the term for feeling sick to the stomach, or nauseous. Basically, you feel like vomiting.

What is the meaning of I feel squamish?

"Squamish" is used in the Maritime provinces of Canada to indicate a feeling of general unwellness associated with nausea, but not vomiting.

When you feel cold you rub your skin to make you feel warm what cause the feeling of warmth when you do this?


Why can't you smell energy?

Cause energy is like a wave.You can't feel it,but you can feel the effect around you.

What would cause fainting with vomiting?

It depends if they really dont feel good or they feel light headed or something like that

What is a sentence for Nauseous?

Type your answer here... You feel queasy when u are nauseous

Why do you feel high when you have not smoked anything?

sometimes lack of oxygen can cause a feeling of highness

Can bulimia cause huge lumps in your throat you can feel?

yes, these are the parotid glands and they become swollen as a result of self-induced vomiting.