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Regional and international conflicts are often caused by?

political disputes

How have religious differences affected the middle east?

They have caused innumerable conflicts.

What were conflicts that caused the Revolutionary War?

freedom and political and ecomomic conflicts had a BIG play in the revolutionary war.

What caused the Jews to have religious conflict?

Jews have not been engaged in religious conflict since the Bar Kochba Revolts. Jews have been involved in numerous non-religious conflicts in predominantly Jewish Units in both World Wars and in Israel, but these conflicts were based on strategic and political goals. (To have a religious conflict requires one party to wish to impose a religious belief on a different party such as the Thirty Years War or the Islamic Conquest of Iberia.) Since Jews have not been party to religious conflicts, it is impossible to say what caused them to involve themselves in such things.

What political system caused conflicts in middle east?

Almost all political systems in the Middle East have caused conflicts with the exception of liberal democracies (such as those in Israel or Turkey). However, the governments of both of those countries have fought in international conflicts.

What are the effects of the conflicts in Nigeria?

The conflicts in Nigeria have caused violence against the native people and between religious groups. The conflicts have caused the creation of refugee camps and mass starvation among people in the area.

The period of unrest in Europe after 1815 was caused by what opposing ideologies religious conflicts competition for colonies demand for resources?

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What movement caused both religious diversity and religious persecution in Europe?

The Reformation

What role has religion especially religious differences played in the history of Arabia Iraq?

Religious differences have caused many conflicts in the history of Iraq

The factors that caused European nations to become involved in world war 1?

There was political, territorial and economic conflicts which caused the war,

What are the conflicts among euorpean countries in post cold war era?

There have been many conflicts in the European countries. For example WW2 and WW1 were all started in Europe. Before that there was the hundred years of war, the Roman wars and the Napoleonic wars. Europe has been a site of many cultures religions which has caused the many conflicts that Europe has had.

What caused the emergence of trade unions and organized mass political parties in Europe socialists?

Trade unions were caused in europe by the lack of skill necessary to preform most jobs shifted by employment, and political parties were caused by how little a voice the people had in polotics which made them group together and become political parties.

The religious conflicts caused by the Protestant Reformation ended in France when Henry IV?

Granted freedom of worship to protestants . -Byron J Espinal

What are causes of religious conflicts?

religious conflicts are caused by things such as differences in religion such as the Hutus and Tutsis in Africa they are the same however because one person decided that Hutus were better because they were taller and more lean than the Tutsis it began a hatred that lead to a genocide in Rwanda

Which of these conflicts caused India to be divided into two independent countries?

Hindus and Muslims in the colony of India could not resolve their religious differences.

What led to conflicts between colonists and Native American tribes?

It was the fighting with the native Americans that caused all the conflicts between them. One of them were that when settlers came and sellted from europe,asia,africa spain and many other places.

What are the conflicts in The Outsiders?

some conflicts were pony and darry's arguing which caused soda to get depressed

Did European countries cause conflicts with the middle east?

Answer 1Conflicts were started from both sides, mainly due to religious reasons. Europeans were overwhelmingly Christian while Arabs were overwhelmingly Muslim. Palestine, the area where all three major, monotheistic religions arose, has been fought over between all three religions throughout history.Answer 2European countries certainly caused some conflicts in the Middle East, most clearly the Crusades and Colonial Imperialism. However, the majority of conflicts in the Middle East have much less to do with Europe than Middle Easterners would allege; such allegations are usually made to prevent Middle Easterners for having to take responsiblity for their calamitous political state.

What caused Europe to plunge into the Dark Ages?

There are a number of reasons why the continent of Europe descended into the Dark Ages. Among them are droughts, military incursions, repression by religious authorities, and unsustainable practices.

What caused new conflicts between American Indians?

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What caused the nationalism in Europe?

The political robbing of losers of the First World War both financially and geographically. This led to the Second World War.

What were the major changes to the Roman political system?

One major change was splitting the empire into a Western and Eastern Roman Empire. This resulted in the lack of a strong united political system. Some problems that caused the split were that the empire was getting too large to control, and the shifting of religious practices. Many feel Christianity was, in no small part, to blame for inner conflicts that eventually led to the demise of the Roman Empire.

Conflicts over land and the fur trade caused this?


What caused conflicts between colonists and Native Americans?


What is the definition of emotional conflict?

it means conflicts caused by emotions