What caused the Greek Dark Age?

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The Greek Dark Ages were caused by the downfall of the Mycenaean civilization, and the immigration of the Dorian to the area. The Dorian's were barbaric, warlike, bellicose, and uncivilized. The Greek Dark Ages were a time of everyone for themselves, and rampant killing and stealing.
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What caused the dark ages?

The Dark Ages were caused by the Dorians and their take over of Ancient Greece.

When were the Dark Ages?

The Dark Ages was a period of European history characterized by societal deterioration after the collapse of the Roman Empire. It is also known as the Early Middle Ages. It lay between the collapse of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the High Middle Ages. It lasted from around the fifth cent ( Full Answer )

What were the Dark Ages?

Perhaps the most commonly used dates for the Dark Ages are 476 to 1000 AD. The term Dark Ages is used for a time when there was little recorded history; it was a time that was obscure. People who use the term Dark Ages usually mean the time between the fall of the West Roman Empire and about 1000 ( Full Answer )

What was the dark age?

The Dark Ages were a period in post Roman Europe in which the institutions of learning and enlightenment fell away as indigenous populations began to take back their lands from the Romans. Education of children and men were no longer priorities, additionally most of Europe reverted to an oral tradit ( Full Answer )

Were the dark ages really dark?

If you are talking about the period in European history, then no, they weren't literally dark. Of course there was still night and day. The Dark Ages refers to the Early Middle Ages, the period of cultural, political, technological, and economic degradation that occurred after the fall of the Rom ( Full Answer )

What is the dark ages?

In general, the term "Dark Ages" refers to a period of intellectual darkness and economic regression. The most widely known such period in western civilization is the Middle Ages, or the Early Middle ages, depending on how you approach the history. There have been other such period of regression in ( Full Answer )

Why was the Dark Age not dark?

The term, "Dark Age," refers to a period traditionally given the dates of 476 to 1000 AD. In fact, this period can be divided into shorter periods that are very different from each other. There earlier of these is a time when Germanic tribes set up kingdoms in what had been the West Roman Empire. Th ( Full Answer )

What are the dark ages?

Dark Ages were times when few records were kept. There have been a number of times called Dark Ages. One was the Greek Dark Age, from about 1200 or 1100 BC to about 800 or 750 BC. But when the term appears without any modifier, it usually is used to indicate the period from 476 to 1000 AD, which i ( Full Answer )

Why are the dark ages called the dark ages?

The phrase "Dark Ages" is from Latin "saeculum obscurum", which was coined by Italian historian Caesar Baronius in 1602. (Baronius, Caesar. "Annales Ecclesiastici", Vol. X. Roma, 1602, p. 647.) He was referring to the tenth century and to the lack of documents that have survived from that time. Mode ( Full Answer )

Why did Greek civilization collapse during the dark ages?

Answer They started putting too much faith in the gods and got so scared of them that they didn't do anything that might them in the slightest way. Answer There is a bit of a problem with this question, because there was a time called the Greek Dark Ages, from about 1200 to 800 BC, and there was ( Full Answer )

What caused Europe to plunge into the Dark Ages?

There are a number of reasons why the continent of Europe descendedinto the Dark Ages. Among them are droughts, military incursions,repression by religious authorities, and unsustainable practices.

What are the greek dark ages?

It is when the Greek Gods' submerged the people of earth into complete darkness. where they were attacked by mythical creatures with various powers. Many people don't believe the dark ages really took place and deny all accounts of them really occurring yet evidence tells us differently for example ( Full Answer )

When are the dark ages?

The middle ages is a time know for its kings,queens,knights,peasants and castles. A time period that lasted between 476AD to 1453AD.The middle ages were also called The Dark Ages The middle ages began with the fall of the roman emperor and ended with the discovery of America in 1492

When were the Greek dark ages?

The Greek Dark Ages, also called the Bronze Age Collapse, lasted from about 1100 BC to about 750 BC. The Trojan war was fought before this collapse and Homer (or someone) wrote down the stories of that time as the Iliad and The Odyssey, after that Dark Age had ended. NOTE: Caution has to be exe ( Full Answer )

What civilization caused the dark ages?

If you would consider the fall of Rome to be the start of the so called Dark Ages then there could be many answers to this question. The true question would be what civilizations is responsible for the fall of Rome. No one has an exact answer and there are many theories to this. A simple answer wou ( Full Answer )

What is the dark age?

The Dark Age is commonly known as a period of European history. It is also called the Early Middle Ages. It was between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the High Middle Ages. It is known as the Dark Age because it was a period of cultural, political, technological, and economic d ( Full Answer )

What age came after the dark ages?

The Renaissance time period came after the Dark Ages. ----- It seems most people who use the term Dark Ages are talking about the Early Middle Ages, which is a period from about 450 AD to 1000 AD. They call the following period the Middle Ages. Some people would have the Dark Ages coincide with ( Full Answer )

How did the Greeks go from the dark age and into the iron age?

1st Answer This is not a good question. The dark ages occurred much later. 2nd Answer The Greek Dark Ages were from roughly 1200 BC to 800 BC. The iron age started in Mesopotamia, and iron working was imported to Greece, possibly during the same period. There are links below.

What was the dark ages about?

The time period of Medieval Europe has sometimes been referred to as the 'Dark Ages'. This is because invaders swept across Europe causing trade to decline, thus cutting Europe off from the advance civilizations in the Middle East, China, and India. Towns emptied, and very little emphasis was put on ( Full Answer )

Why were the dark ages called the dark ages?

The term "Dark Ages" has been obsolete and out of use since the 1970s. No historian ever uses that term any more. It was never used to describe the whole of the Middle Ages - that is an entirely false idea. It used to be applied to the period between the collapse of the western Roman Empire and ( Full Answer )

What caused the dark age of Greece?

Greece was called the "DARK AGE", because the major settlements was already abandoned. The people wanted to have new pastoral lifestyle. They have experience "lack of supply" because of the wars that occurred. The WAR has a great impact/effect towards them. Because of the war, they decrease the numb ( Full Answer )

What natural resource helped pull the Greeks out of the Dark Age?

The natural resource is http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Iron_ore a form of http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Rock_(geology ) and http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Mineral from which http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Metal http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Iron can be economically extracted.

What causes darkness?

Darkness is caused when a light source is blocked - it gets dark at night because the sun is on the other side of the planet from you, and the light is blocked by the planet itself.

After the Dark Age of Greek civilization how did the Greeks learn to write again?

They still had all of the teachers and the grown ups just put all the kids back into the schools... it's one of these: . They discovered old scrolls left behind by the Minoans and Mycenaeans. . They adapted the Phoenician alphabet to their own language . They learned Sumerian cuneiform and ( Full Answer )

Why is the primitive period in Greek civilization call the dark ages?

The primitive period or Dark Ages in Greece was considered as the period of barren art. There were wars and struggles. Arts,trade and farming were disrupted. The art of writing was forgotten and as a result, only few records about this period were written.

What was after the dark ages?

What came after the Dark Ages was the Carolingian Renaissance, the High Middle Ages, or the European Renaissance, depending on your point of view. It seems most who use the term date it from about 450 to 1000 AD. Some give precise dates in 476 to 1066 AD. I have seen the term Dark Ages used to ref ( Full Answer )

The greek dark age was a period of?

The Greek dark age was a period of Greek history that lasted fromthe Dorian invasion in 1100 BC to the first signs of the Greekpoleis which occurred in the 9th century BC. There was a lack ofarchitectural structures built during this time.

Name one negative and positive effect of the Greek Dark Ages?

Positive: those who defeated the Greeks (ex. Romans) took some of there architecture, literature, etc. and adopted them. Like the Romans, they adapted the religion of the Greeks in a different way. Negative: there have been many killings that happened in the dark ages, and many were slain

What events caused the dark ages in Western Europe and why did Western Europe have a dark age?

The dark ages were a period of time in Western Europe, prior to 1000 AD, known as such because of the general lack of highly centralized government as was known under the Roman rule. This was caused by a falling apart of the Roman empire, which was caused by a number of circumstances, one being the ( Full Answer )

What was the name of the famous poet during the Greek Dark Ages?

Homer was the only poet we might say was famous from the Greek Dark Ages. The Greek Dark Ages began with the collapse of Mycenaean culture, and lasted about 400 years. The dates would be about 1200 to 800 BC. Homer is sometimes dated to as early as 950 BC, and sometimes as late as about 750. Tha ( Full Answer )

What caused the European empire into the dark ages?

The fall of Rome in 410 AD. All government and services were gone and the people had no protection from invading tribes. Which is true, however they were never as Dark as we tend to think. It was during this time that the Vikings developed an Empire which included (parts of) Ireland, Scotland, Eng ( Full Answer )

What happened in 476 ad to cause the dark ages?

nothing happened to cause it realy its just that no one recorded anything that happened so historians call it the dark ages cause we were esentialy left in the dark for what happened in that time

What were the dark ages and why were they called dark?

The Dark Ages were the Early Middle Ages, traditionally from 476 to 1000 or 1066. They are a time from which few writings survive, so they are assumed to be a time during which most people were illiterate, an assumption that is reinforced in some of the few records we have. They are called the Dark ( Full Answer )

Did the greek dark ages begin in 1150?

The Greek Dark Ages began in about the year 1200 BC. There is no exact year for their beginning. Clearly, the Greek Dark Ages and the Dark Ages were not the same thing, and they were not really related, as the Dark Ages began in the middle of the 5th century AD.

What did Dark Ages do?

it was the period of time when roman empire fall and they lost their literate people and science.

What caused the Golden Age to happen in Greek?

everyone was prosperous and wealthy at that time because the people were successful. This is why this period was called the golden age, to symbolize wealth and prosperity.

Why is the Greek civilization called a dark age?

There are several periods in history that are called Dark Ages. Thething that they have in common is that there are few records keptfrom the periods, so little history is actually known. One of theseperiods is called the Greek Dark Age. It happened prior to theclassic period of Greek History, and la ( Full Answer )

Who controlled Greece during the Greek dark age?

The Greek world during the Dark Age comprised hundreds of separateagricultural sites which were controlled by the farmers who ownedthe land, and established a fortress (acropolis) which provided arefuge when they were preyed on by neighbours or nomads. They hired notable warriors to organise their d ( Full Answer )

Why were the dark ages so dark?

The middle ages are also referred to as the dark ages because ofthe large amount of knowledge and skills lost following thefall of the Roman Empire. It was dark in terms of societalillumination, not in terms of light illumination.