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What caused the crash of Lisa Lopes?

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2013-10-23 14:27:49

There is a lot of speculation surrounding what caused the

accident that involved Lisa Lopes. A video of her accident has

since been published on you tube showing 33 seconds of footage that

covers the accident, the crash is not shown in the video, the last

frame shows the camera shot 1/3 of a second before the vehicle

struck a grass bank on the opposite side of the road.After the

impact with the grass bank the vehicle rolled several times.

Lisa reacted to another vehicle that she had seen further up the

road,you can see the other vehicle in 5 frames of the video and it

clearly shows a red vehicle facing Lisa's vehicle on Lisa's right.(

In Honduras you drive on the right)

Its not known how the other vehicle came to be in that position

on Lisa's side of the road, and through Analysis of the 5 frames it

clearly shows the other vehicle is facing Lisa's vehicle, you can

see the head light clearly in 3 of the frames.Police reports from

various sources never mentioned any other vehicle involved and

blamed speed as a factor to the accident.

There where 8 other passengers in the vehicle they where Joy

London,T'Melle Rawlings, Katrina Gibson,Sophia Gibson, Alicia

Cherry, Ronald Lopes, Raina Lopes and one other male producer

sitting in the far back with Ronald Lopes. In the video you can

only see 6 people, one is filming in the front seat and the other

person is in the back seat on the far right, the girl who asked to

see the cards was sitting on her lap at the time of the


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