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What caused the disaster in Love Canal NY?

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toxic chemical dumping

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What happened to the residents of Love Canal NY?

The pollution made the people of Love Canal sick. The government had to move the people and it became a Superfund site.

What state did the Erie Canal go through?

The Erie Canal went from Albany, NY to Buffalo, NY.

How tall is the lighthouse located on the Erie Canal in Lockport NY?

There is no lighthouse on the Erie Canal in Lockport, NY.

Canal connecting Albany NY to Lake Erie?

The Erie Canal.

What was the location of the Erie Canal?

The Erie Canal started in Albany, NY and went west to Buffalo, NY. There it reached Lake Erie.

Are the Erie Canal and Suez Canal similar?

The Erie Canal took barges that were pulled by animals from Buffalo, NY to Albany, NY. The Suez Canal is a short cut for ocean going ships. The only similarities is that they both have locks.

Why did all the residents of love canal ny die?

Not all the residents of love canal died. Many were relocated eventually and many suffered a varity of different illnesses. I grew up near there. Know people that did live there and that do live there now that it has been revitalized.

Where is the Erie Canal?

The Erie Canal is in New York state between Albany and Buffalo, NY.

What city is the westernmost point on the Erie Canal?

Buffalo, NY is the westernmost city on the Erie Canal.

What is caused ny motin?

what is caused by motion

What two cities connect to the Erie Canal?

Two of the cities that connect to the Erie Canal are Albany and Buffalo, NY.

Where is the Canastota Canal Town in Canastota New York located?

The address of the Canastota Canal Town is: 122 Canal St, Canastota, NY 13032-1360

Where are goods transported on the Erie Canal?

From Albany NY (Hudson River) to Buffalo NY (the Great Lakes and beyond)

Where is the Love Canal today?

Love Canal is exactly where it was "then". It is located at the 36 block wide area between Read Avenue and 99th Street in Niagara Falls, New York. There are still homes from the original community near the site, where people stayed when they refused to move from their houses. Also, there is a new development, Black Creek Village, on the edge of the area.

How is the the Erie Canal different from the Suez canal?

The Erie Canal is located in New York State and connects New York City to Lake Erie. It takes very small barges through the canal from Albany, NY to Buffalo, NY. The Suez Canal is in Egypt. It takes ocean going ships. It connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

Where is the Erie Canal located?

The Erie canal is located near Albany, New York and goes to Buffalo, NY at Lake Erie.

What waterway connects the cities of Buffalo and Troy New York in the US?

The waterway connecting Buffalo NY with Troy NY is the Erie Canal.

What canal was named after sammuel de Champlain?

The Champlain Canal is in northern NY State and connects the south end of Lake Champlain to the Hudson River.

Is Lockport NY the town where you can ride the Lochs by boat?

It's actually spelled Locks - meaning the locks of the Erie Canal. Yes, Lockport, NY offers tour boat rides down the Erie canal with historical information on canal history. It also offers a tour through the Lockport caves that includes history on the canal and manufacturing in the early to mid 1800's.

Where does the Erie Canal start and end?

It starts at Albany NY and ends at Lake Erie.

How many miles are saved ny using the panama canal?

approx, 8,000 miles

Where is the Camillus Canal Society in Syracuse New York located?

The address of the Camillus Canal Society is: 817 Coughlin Ave, Syracuse, NY 13031-1108

What body of water does ny rely on for shipping?

The main body of water that NY relies on for shipping is the Atlantic Ocean. It also heavily relies on the Erie Canal.

Who were some eyewitnesses for the Hindenburg disaster?

Jack Snyder of the Camden Courier Post took some of the first Photo's of the disaster getting them to press before even the NY Times.

Where is the Erie Canal Discovery Center in Lockport New York located?

The address of the Erie Canal Discovery Center is: 24 Church St, Lockport, NY 14094

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