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the land was a plain so it was easy to flood. the mesopotamian people used irrigation to water their food.

the land also had silt so it would have nutrients

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Can floods be caused by droughts?

yes it can

How did floods and droughts affect farming in mesopotamia?

the people got water on their fiels

The Solution of control of floods and droughts?

Control of floods and droughts.

What environmental factors led to the development of civilization in mesopotamia?

The following environmental factors led to development of Mesopotamia: - Droughts - Floods - Volcanic Activity - And others

What are floods and droughts known as?

Floods and droughts are known as natural disasters.

How did the people of Mesopotamia learn to deal with floods droughts?

They learned it would keep happening and they couldn't do anything about it. The Mesopotamian society always just cleaned up the droughts!<3

Does Malta get any droughts or floods?

Malta doesn't get droughts but it does get floods from heavy rain...

What enviormental factors led to the development of civilization in mesopotamia?

the following environmental factors that led to the devlopment of civilization in Mesopotamia were the following: Droughts Floods Volcanic Activity Hope these little thins helped solve your question

How is droughts and floods the same?

It is a Catastrophic Event.

What happen when Poseidon get mad?

droughts and floods

How are floods of the Indus River Valley simmilar to and different from the floods in mesopotamia?

they are different because Mesopotamia are welcomed and India didn't welcome their floods.they are similar because Mesopotamia and India both have very dangerous floods that can kill you.

What are the disadvantages of ancient mesopotamia?

there were floods and droughts. the soil was like clay. pirates took there goods when they were on the oceon to tarade to another land. they had to face taxes the other land gives them

What was Poseidons role?

he was the god of droughts, floods, water

How did floods and droughts affect farming?

It destroyed the crops.

Does excessive rains cause droughts?

No, they cause floods

Does southern Africa experience droughts and floods?


What are the effects of floods and droughts?

yella acid drain

Mesopotamia was in danger from what?


Food shortages brought by droughts in Mesopotamia?


Food shortiges brought by droughts in Mesopotamia?


What were food shortages brought by droughts in Mesopotamia?

it is famine

What natural disasters occur in Brazil?

Mainly floods and droughts.

Natural disasters in Egypt?

* Sand Storms * Floods * Droughts

How do floods droughts or cold spells affect an ecosystem?


Floods droughts fires and earthquakes are examples of?

Floods, drought, fires and earthquakes are examples of natural disasters.

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