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What caused the economic depression after World War 1?

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Due to the cost of WWI for all the countries involved many didn't have enough money to pay back countries that they had borrowed from during the war. Each country involved had their own war debt to pay and in Germany's case not only their own debt but the debt of all other European contries due to the agreement in the Treaty of Versailles. During this period of time in history the Industrial Revolution tied many countries, especially those that were Imperialists, together. In a sense the beginning of the global economy had began. This type of economy ties each country in the global economy together and therefore when one countries economy is suffering a domino type of effect occures, and each country tied to the affected economy will suffer in some way.

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What war caused sustained economic growth?

World War 2 caused sustained economic growth.

What bad things came from world war 1?

World War 2 and an economic depression.

How did the great depression trigger world war 2?

The so-called Great Depression most often refers to the depression in the United States that began in 1929. There is no evidence that the economic problems of the United States at that time caused or triggered the German invasion of Poland which started World War two.

What economic event influenced World War 2?

the Great Depression.

What causes war world 1?

what caused world war1 is the great depression

What caused unrest in the post war period after World War 1?

influenza and the depression

What happened to the world at the end of World War 1?

At 11:00 on November 11 1918 the first world war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty specified the the war was over, and that Germany and their allies would be expected to pay monetary reparations to the countries affected by the fighting. This caused a major economic depression in Germany, which, in turn, caused economic depression in many parts of Europe. This war also contributed to the downfall of the Austria-Hungary and Ottoman empires, and greatly changed the political climate throughout the world.

What was the most influential economic transformation after World War 1?

The Great Depression

How long did the Great Depression go on?

Approximately 10 years. The Great Depression in the United States caused a worldwide economic depression lasting from 1929 until the dawn of World War II. The Great Depression may have been caused by the collapse of the U.S stock market. Of course, WWII began in 1939 xD

What effect did war world 2 have on the great depression?

It helped put both industries and people back to work thus alleviating the suffering caused by the economic problems .

Was there a financial depression in 1863?

There was a depression called the "Economic Crash of 1863." It came after the country lost the War of Secession and was caused by the enormous amount of money the U.S. had to pay to fund the war.

Why did Canada wait to declare war on Germany?

Largely due to economic problems caused by the U.S. Great Depression.

Who did the Nazis blame for the economic depression and the loss of world war 1?

They blamed the Jews.

Was There an Economic crisis in Europe after World War 1?

Yes, the Great Depression of 1929.

How did the economic policies pursued by the US following World War 1 contribute to the Great Depression?

Between the war and the depression everything is related and all matters.

What events caused antidemocratic governments rise to power in postwar Asia and Europe?

Treaty that ended the war and economic depression.

What was the era from the end of the civil war to the outbreak of World War 1 characterized by?

Periodic economic panic and depression

How did World War II affect American's economic situation?

The build up for World War II helped America get out of the Great Depression.

The factors that caused European nations to become involved in world war 1?

There was political, territorial and economic conflicts which caused the war,

What caused the depression after the Revolutionary War?


How did mobilization for world war 2 end the Great Depression in the us?

Mobilization for World War II increased jobs which had a massive increase in production and created an economic boom that ended the Great Depression. :)

What started the Great Depression?

The Great Depression wasn't caused by a single individual as such, more so a political and economic climate after World War One. Things such as Germany's ambitions of becoming a world power over Britain, the arms race which followed and the war itself placed strain on many, if not all, nations involved.

What effect did the war have on Australian society?

The impact war had on Australian society is greater economic boom and depression. The impact war had on Australian society is greater economic boom and depression.

What economic problems did the u.s. face after world war 1?

depression, influenza, red scare

What are two things the Jews were blamed for by German propaganda?

economic depression Germany's defeat in World War I