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The high casualty rate on the battlefiled has often been attributed to the new rifles and bullets (called Minie balls) that were used in the War Between the States. The bullets were made of soft lead, and they expanded rapidly after entering the body, often destroying organs and shattering bones. Making matters worse, most War Between the States generals had been trained at West Point or other military academies to use shoulder to shoulder formations of two ranks and advance in this formation normally at a rate of no faster than 454 feet in a minute (double quick time). Many had not only been trained this way but had seen those tactics work extremely well in the war with Mexico. It seems that few realized and some even until the end that attacking Mexican conscripts armed with smooth bore flintlocks was an entirely different proposition from attacking American volunteers armed with rifled percussion muskets

The high casualty rate due to disease was caused by the lack of sanitation. They really had little or no knowledge about bacteria, pathogens, and germs. Plus in most cases if you were shot they would just amputate the injured body part. Docotrs rarely cleaned off the tools they were using to amputate with. This spread bacteria to every person that had a body part amputated. So even if you made it through with just losing your arm, there was a good chance you could get an infection from the amputation process.

Finally, when you speak of "casualties" this also refers to prisoners. In the Civil War, prisoners were often taken by the thousands in an attempt to weaken armies.

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US Civil War casualties were the result of the many battles and the large size of the armies involved in the battles. It is pure speculation that rifled muskets caused high levels of casualties. Deaths based on disease at various lengths of time after a battle are difficult to use when speaking of individual battles. They are useful in terms of the war's total number of deaths.

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Q: What caused the high casualty rate of soldiers in the US Civil War?
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What contributed to the high casualty rate on the Civil War?


In glory the method of fighting during the civil war contributed to the high casualty rate?

GloryThe formation of soldiers caused the high casualty rate during the civil war. Soldiers stood side by side fighting each other until one side withdrew. When shooting into a line it is extremely easy to hit somebody because you don't have to aim for one person because you are, most likely, bound to hit somebody. This is why so many people died during the civil war. By using frontal attacks the opponent has plenty of time to get ready, unlike when using guerrilla warfare.

Why did Civil war battles have such high casualty rates?

be cause many people wanted to get revenge

What were three ways soldiers died in the US Civil War?

The US Civil War took a high toll of lives for both the Union and the Confederacy. Soldiers died from three major causes: A. Killed by gunfire; B. Died from disease; and C. Died from infections caused by their wounds and the very bad medical facilities and surgical operations that resulted in infections.

How high were the casualty rates among Confederate generals in the US Civil War?

Casualty rates among Confederate generals during the US Civil War were high. In the war, 55% of all Rebel generals were either killed or wounded . This amounted to 235 of the 435 generals. Most of the Confederate losses among generals occurred as they led their troops into battle.

Why was the evidence of disease so high among civil war soldiers?

there were no medical supplys to cure them 8D

How many soldiers were in each army in the Battle of Hastings?

In the Battle Of Hastings there was 2000 soldiers in Williams army The English had a slight advantage in numbers, 7,500 against 7,000 Normans. The casualty rate was very high, about 2,000 on both sides.

What caused dysentery during the civil war?

Poor hygiene and camp sanitation contributed to the high rate of disease during the US Civil War.

Why was the incidence of disease so high among civil war soldiers?

Disease and illness rapidly spread among civil war soldiers due to lack of proper hygiene and poor living conditions. The army camps were often dirty and cramped. This made life in the camps uncomfortable for the soldiers. There often were food shortages, and supplies could not be delivered on time, so soldiers would starve. Most civil war soldiers died from sickness before having the chance to fight.

Why were the desertion rates so high in both the Union and the Confederate?

A lot of them weren't happy with the war, and didn't want to be fighting. High casualty rates, low quantity and quality of supplies, among other things, is what caused the high desertion rates.

What was the civil war known for?

The relatively high death rate. The northern soldiers had modern rifles which could fire accurately and quick. The southern soldiers had muskets and had no option but to get close in an open space which led to slaughter.

Why were the weapons in the Battle of Shiloh important to the civil war?

Rifled muskets and cannon were more accurate and had longer range, making Napoleonic tactics obsolete. Shiloh's high casualty figures proved that.

What are the ratings and certificates for Casualty - 1986 High Noon 1-6?

Casualty - 1986 High Noon 1-6 is rated/received certificates of: UK:12

How many POW's died in the US Civil War?

POW deaths in the US Civil War were high due to terrible sanitary practices and cruelty by camp officers on both sides. The worst camp was Andersonville, where thousands of Union prisoners died.It is estimated that the war caused 26,000 Confederate POW's to die and 30,000 Union soldiers died in Southern camps.

What drinks did the soldiers have in the Civil War?

The most import ant part of a soldier's ration was coffee. They would trade Southern tobacco for Northern coffee, because it was in high demand.

What is brogans?

The shoes soldiers wore during the Civil War. They are ankle-high, rough side out, square toed leather shoes. Traditionally, there was no left or right foot, they were interchangeable.

What are brogans?

The shoes soldiers wore during the Civil War. They are ankle-high, rough side out, square toed leather shoes. Traditionally, there was no left or right foot, they were interchangeable.

What is the casualities of the American Civil War?

The casualties of the American Civil War were the highest of any war that America has ever fought in. Out of 2.4 million soldiers, 620,000 were killed in the war. 360,000 of them were Union soldiers, while the other 260,000 were from the Confederacy. However, even the death rate was extremely high, it was actually due to disease and harsh conditions more than actual combat that took the lives of many soldiers who fought in the war.

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How did the military draft cause social problems in the north during the civil war?

The Civil War was extremely unpopular war at the outset. A mandatory draft was considered unnecessary. The risk of death was high. It caused riots and other protests.

How high was the casualty rate in World War I?

Casualty Rate for World War 1:Tot. Number of Deaths:Germany:2050897France:1397800Great Britain:887000

The US army packs Tabasco pepper sauce in every ration kit that they give to soldiers?

yes, it decreases constipation caused by the high calorie dried meats also included

What was the name of the largest cemetery in Richmond during the US Civil War?

The name of the largest cemetery in Richmond during the US Civil War was Hollywood cemetery. The number of buried soldiers there was high in that it was located near the largest military hospital in Richmond. The death rates in hospitals were high due to the lack of antibiotics.

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