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On October 28th, 1901, Buffalo Bill's Wild West show was moving by rail north bound in two parts. A south bound freight missed the signal that informed them that there were two trains coming.

After the first passed, the freight resumed the main line only to collide with the second half.

The damage was extensive. Nearly all the animals that had survived were so badly injured that they had to be put down. The railroad was nearly bankrupt by the damage payment.

The wreck site is along the rail line in the Abbot's Creek area of Davidson County, NC.

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In 1901 Annie was injured in a train wreck. Her spine was hurt, and she was no longer able to do all the things she could previously do. She left the show.

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Right outside of Spencer, NC near the Rowan Davidson County line. That's on the wrong side of the river. The train wreck took place in Davidson County, NC (on the other side of the Yadkin River from Spencer) near where the line crosses Abbott's Creek. The nearest railway point is the Linwood yard.

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