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Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis

What causes Aurora borealis?

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Some believed it's from the sunlight in the sun but it is technically proven it is the gases in the earth's atmosphere...I think....

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What causes the Aurora borealis to end?

The sun

What from the sun causes the aurora borealis?

Solar Winds

What is Aurora Borealis knows as?

Aurora Borealis is known as the northern lights.

Is aurora borealis bad?

No. In fact the aurora borealis and the aurora australis are very beautiful sights.

What is the scientific name for the Northern Lights?

aurora borealis Aurora Borealis (pronounced: a-roar-uh boar-ray-lee)

Wich layer of the atmosphere does the aurora borealis form?

The Aurora Borealis is in the Thermosphere.

Why were the northern lights named aurora borealis?

''Aurora'' means Dawn and ''Borealis'' means North. So basically Aurora borealis means ''Dawn of north''.

What do the aurora borealis mean?

Aurora borealis is another name for the Northern polar lights.

The Aurora borealis is caused by the what?

Aurora Borealis is caused by particles hitting earth's atmosphere thermosphere and they are stopped, so they give of their energy in the "Northern Lights" or Aurora Borealis.

What is Aurora Borealis commonly knows as?

The aurora borealis is more commonly called the northern lights.

Can you see aurora borealis from the Aleutian Islands?

When the Aurora Borealis happen, they can be seen from the Aleutian Islands.

The Aurora borealis is caused by what?

Aurora borealis is caused by collisions between gaseous particles.

This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as the northern lights?

It's Called The Aurora Borealis.

How is and aurora borealis different from and aurora australis?

Aurora Borealis occurs in northern parts of the world. Aurora Australis in southern parts of the world. Borealis is more known because there are more places and people to see them.

When do Aurora borealis occurs?

The aurora borealis occur at times of heightened states of solar activity, this also applies to the aurora australius.

What is it called when particles from the sun strike atoms in the ionosphere near the poles?

The described activity causes the generation of the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis.

Does the Aurora Borealis form at the South Pole?

No.Aurora at the South Pole are called aurora austalis, and are caused by the same solar magnetic phenomenon that creates aurora borealis.

How is an aurora borealis different from an aurora australis?

Borealis is over the North Pole: Australis is over the South Pole.

When was Aurora Borealis - album - created?

Aurora Borealis - album - was created on 2004-06-22.

What are the aurora borealis referred to in the southern hemisphere?

Aurora Australis

How is the aurora borealis seen?

the aurora borealis (northern lights) occurs when the highly charged electrons interact with earth's atmophere.

Where is the auroa borealis?

Both aurora appear around the polar regions. The Aurora Australis appears around Antacrtica and the Aurora Borealis appears around the Arctic.

Is the Aurora Borealis typically strongest near the equator?

Both aurora appear around the polar regions. The Aurora Australis appears around Antacrtica and the Aurora Borealis appears around the Arctic.

Common name for Aurora borealis?

The Northern Lights. Borealis is "north" and aurora is similar to "lights" so "northern lights". There is such thing as Aurora Australis that occurs in the south.

What is found in the ionosphere?

aurora borealis