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Check for a slipping drive belt between encine crank pulley and AC compressor pulley.

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2008-07-11 13:28:25
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Q: What causes Squealing noise on a Nissan sentra when the ac is turned on?
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What causes Sqealing noise on a Nissan Sentra when the ac is turned on?

Belt slipping? due to bad adjustment or glazing

Why no tail lights or dash lights on 1994 Nissan sentra when head lights are turned on?

Check fuses, common circuit

You have a 1993 Nissan Sentra the tailights don't come on but the brake lights come on when pressed?

I think I had a similar problem with my 1991 Sentra. When the headlights were on, one of my wouldn't work. There turned out to be a loose connection with one of the wires.

What causes a squealing noise when the air conditioner is turned on in your Suzuki Grand Vitara XL7?

Bad belt. Worn tensioner. Bad compressor.

I have a Nissan Sentra 94 and the oil light just turned on and it blinks but if I press the gas pedal just a bit it turns off. What can it be?

you just need to change your oil sensor bro.

What would cause a squealing noise when the ac is turned on?

check a/c compressor and belt.

In a 96 Nissan Sentra if you could unlock all doors using the central lock switch but cannot lock them what could be the reason?

I am answering my own question - "It turned out to be just a loose connection in the swithch assembly".

Why 1993 Nissan sentra the air conditioner works but after few minutes the air comes hot you turned off and restarted then works again for few minutes How can you fix it up?

Sounds like the freon is low. Have it checked.

What causes Honda crv 1996 squealing loudly when AC turned on?

The serpentine belt that operates the accessories is loose, or glazed and the squeel you hear is when an extra load is placed on it when the compressor cuts in. Tighten or replace the serpentine belt.

Will the water pump make squealing sound when going bad?

my water pump just went out and i thought that the squealing was my belt but turned out to be my water pump and the fact it was leaking anti-freeze. so yes

What causes a 1991 Nissan pickup to only click when the key is turned even though all lights and electrical devices work?

Someone tells me this could be to do with the starter motor

What causes electrons flow when a switch is turned on?

An electric field causes electrons to flow when a switch is turned on.

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