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What causes a '73 Nova to emit white-grey smoke from exhaust when starting and revving engine?

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the valve guides could be worn out

The carburetor is running fuel rich and needs adjustment. If it were valve guides or rings the smoke would be blue

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What effect does excessive revving have on your car engine?

Excessive revving of an engine causes overpressure in the crankcase. It causes unhealthy expansion in the pistons and the valves.

What causes backfire from exhaust pipe?

Unburned fuel in the exhaust system causes the backfire from the exhaust pipe.

What causes White smoke during starting early in the morning?

Water vapour due to condensation in the exhaust pipe.

What causes backfire through the exhaust while starting a 1994 Honda Civic?

It is timed incorrectly or plug wires are installed incorrectly.

Pollutant from motor car exhaust that causes mental disease is?

"lead" is the Pollutant from motor car exhaust that causes mental disease.

Who causes car exhaust fumes?

No who, but what. All internal combustion engines emit exhaust fumes.

2 causes of noise pollution?

Two big causes of noise pollution are vehicles (cars, trucks, car horns, revving engines, planes, ect) and loud music.

How do you remove exhaust baffells?

it makes you exhaust louder or " meaner " and some say it causes an increase in horsepower

What causes oil in the exhaust?

Broke rings on pistons

Causes for smudge in exhaust tailpipe?

The smudge in the exhaust pipe is just build up reside from the exhaust. It can be very?æ harmful to people.?æ

What causes soot and water drips from exhaust?

That is called condensation. When you start the engine the exhaust system/pipes are cold. When the heat from the engine exhaust passes through the exhaust it makes it sweat. That is normal.

What causes a rattle in a car exhaust?

catalytic convertor breaking down, or exhaust touching body or chasis of car

What causes a lawn mower engine to constantly rev up and down?

Revving up and down is usually a symptom of a dirty air filter.

What causes acid precipitation?

nitrogen oxides from car exhaust

What causes of a lean exhaust?

because of low battery voltage

Why does your truck have black smoke coming from the exhaust?

Could be a diesel? If not then replace your oxygen sensor on your exhaust. A bad oxygen sensor causes the exhaust smoke to be dark in color.

Why does 4 into 1 exhaust turn blue?

The exhaust is stainless steel. Heat causes stainless steel to turn blue.

What are the causes of damage of diesel engine exhaust Valve?

one of the causes is bad low quality fuel

Can bad gas cause a push rod to bent?

NO it will not. Over revving engine, Rocker are adjusted to tight, Bad lifter. These are some common causes of that.

What causes flames to shoot out the tailpipe?

old junky exhaust systems have a lot of debris that catchs fire with high exhaust temperatures

What causes a blown head gasket on a 7.3 Ford diesel?

The two most common causes are either an overheating issue or over revving the engine. If over heating is the cause then the head could also be warped.

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