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When you turn the ac on it engages the ac clutch which is turned by a fan belt which is turn by the engine. you are making the engine work harder. The idle speed might be set to low or it,s time for a tune up.

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โˆ™ 2004-06-25 10:39:59
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Q: What causes a '93 Civic to idle rough and want to die when the AC is on?
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What causes back firing on Ford Explorer?

What causes back firing on a ford explorer and it to idle rough and want to cut out when you try to give it gas.

84 Oldsmobile cutlass want start to idle or run?

The most common reason for an engine not to start is a lack of fuel. A plugged air filter can cause and engine to idle rough or not idle at all.

What causes a car to idle improperly After running 20 min idle goes up and down in 10 second intervals?

Might want to check your idler sensor.

What caues my 2001 Ford Taurus to idle up but want idle down?

idle speed controll or tps throttle sensor

What is the abbreviation for rough endoplasmic reticulum?

Rough ER, "Rough" has no abbreviation unless you want to put it R. ER.

How do you adjust the idle speed on a carburetor?

With the engine running, turn the idle screw until you get the speed you want.

How do get a 302 fuel injected motor not to idle so high?

Turn the idle nob on the ecu counter clockwise a little until you get the idle you want.

Where do you set the idle on a 1991 dodge cummins pick up?

You will want an idle speed between 750 and 900 rpm with the ac on and in gear (if auto).You will want an idle speed between 750 and 900 rpm with the ac on and in gear (if auto).

How do you adjust the idle on a 1997 Honda civic?

I have a 97 Hond Accord I just bought and it was idling at 1500 rpm standing still in park. You can adjust the idle by adjusting the throttle cable at the throttle body. There is two nuts on each side of the bracket, loosen both and slide cable until you reach 900 to 1000 rpm range or if you want higher idle adjust it up. If that doesnt fix it check for a vacuum leak. They will also cause your engine to idle higher.

Whit is Ford 302 idle RPM?

prob around 600 if you want a lump idle to 750 - 800

What could cause my 89' Chevy s10 blazer to start every time but want to stall until up to temperature and rough idle?

A vacuum leak would do that. Check the base gasket under the throttle body.

Is it normal for a 2009 civic si to idle hi when you start it up?

I am a certified aircraft powerplant technician, and owner of a 2006 Honda Civic Si. As with all internal combustion engines, it is considered normal for an engine to idle "high" during a cold start up. During this period, the oil is coming up to optimal temperatures, coolant is beginning to flow through the crank case, etc. In my personal experience with my Si, my vehicle will idle at about 1500 RPM for a good minute before it begins to drop to a normal (engine warm) idle speed of 800 RPM. However, if you are experiencing idle speeds in excess of 2500+ RPMs during a cold start, or your vehicle demonstrates this high idle when your engine has been running for over 5 minutes, you may want to take your vehicle in to be examined.

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