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On my '84 21R engine it turned out to be the coil after much swapping & cussing.

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How do you use pedal in a sentence?

She pressed on the gas pedal to make the car go forward.He pressed on the sustain pedal while he played piano.

Which pedal in a car is pressed when changing gears?

the clutch pedal

Can you make a sentence using pedal?

I pressed the pedal to move faster in my car.

Why would the gas pedal on a Toyota Camry vibrate?

One of the main causes of feeling a vibration in the gas pedal is engine vibration. The vibration from the engine causes the accelerator cable or linkage to vibrate and the vibration can be felt in the gas pedal. Check with a mechanic to be sure.

What causes a ping and no accleration when the gas pedal is pressed fully while driving in a 4.0L 1994 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer?

ur face

When a piano has a third pedal what does that extra middle pedal do?

It's called a Sostenato pedal and it sustains only the notes that are being held down when the pedal is pressed.

What causes no resistance on the clutch pedal on a 1993 Toyota pick up truck?

Air in the clutch line and needs to be bled.

Noises when you push gas pedal?

ticking noise when the gas pedal is pressed in a 2005 ford ranger

What causes a Toyota Camry 1988 steering to start vibrating after driving 3-4 miles when you release the gas pedal it stops vibrating but resumes vibration every time gas pedal is pressed?

Inspect the front tires they may have a bubble on one of them it is possible that a wheel bearing is going out but the easy check is to inspect the tires after you have driven it a few miles

What causes transmission to shift all gears under 20 miles per hour?

Your transmission does not know how far you have the accelerator pressed. Some cars have a cable that runs between the throttle and transmission to 'tell' the transmission how far you have the gas pedal pressed. Some cars use electronic sensors to 'tell' the transmission how far you have the pedal pushed. It sounds like your transmission 'thinks' your gas pedal is not pressed at all. This will cause the shift points to occur exactly as you describe them. Look for an unhooked cable between the transmission and throttle.

What causes hissing noise to come from brake pedal on 2005 ford escape when it is pressed down noise stops?

Sounds like the power brake booster is bad. Get it checked out.

What could cause the brakes and brake pedal to stick when brake pedal is pressed?

Check around brake pedal for something rubbing. If OK, I'd look into the master cylinder.

What causes the engine and transmission to tilt forward when the clutch pedal is pressed?

a bad engine and transmission mount 1 in the rear near the fire wall or 1 in front near the radiator.

What does it mean if truck starts to shake when gas pedal is pressed?

One reason that your truck might start to shake when the gas pedal is pressed is because the tires could need to be balanced. The problem could also be your shock absorbers, or struts. * It has less to do with the gas pedal as it has to do with parts affected by acceleration.

How do you fix a gas pedal on a 1986 Chevy pickup which the wire is not fitted to the gas pedal Pressed down on it then it came loose?

get a new one

What causes a car to turn off once turned on and not keeping the gas pedal pressed until car warms up?

I've had this problem with my 2002 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner many times and I was told by a Toyota dealership that it may be the mass air sensor because they tend to corrode. I have a few friends with the same truck and they have the same problem. Unfortunately, if you want to replace it, it cost around $300.

What type of acceleration pedal does the Toyota Prius have?

I have an 05 Prius and the pedal looks just like any other pedal I have seen on cars.

What is a clutch safety switch?

It prevents engine cranking unless the clutch pedal is pressed.

What causes your truck to accelarate when is on?

The accelerator pedal. Also known as a gas pedal.

What causes brakes to drag eventually lock up and get hot on a 1989 voyager pedal also get very hard?

You might want to replace the front rubber brake lines. On the inside of the brake hose they disintegrate, which causes the fluid to go thru the line but not return when pedal is pressed. If it releases when car sits and cools off .then this is probably the culprit.GOOD LUCK

Where is the brake-light switch on a 1997 Toyota Avalon?

Above the brake pedal, on top of the pedal lever.

Does the Mercedes 2003 and above consume gas if it's running and i am not pressing the gas pedal?

If the engine is running it is burning fuel, whether the gas pedal is pressed or not.

How do you adjust clutch on a Toyota echo?

You can only adjust the clutch pedal. You can adjust position and range just on top of the pedal.

How does the pedal brake work?

The brake pedal itself swings on a pivot when pressed, pushing a piston through the fire wall into the master cylinder. Forcing brake fluid through the brake lines into a proportioning valve, then into the brakes themselves, bringing the vehicle to a stop. As soon as the brake pedal is pressed, it activates a switch that turns the brake lights on.

Does the toyota have a replaced gas pedal?

Toyota has recently started replacing their gas pedals. These were the cause of major recalls.