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It's not charging the battery. Check the alternator.

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How do you get the battery light to go off on a 1983 Chevy Caprice when the alternator and battery are good?

triple diodes in alternator are bad

87 Chevy Caprice tail light fit a 84 Chevy Caprice?

No.... You need to change the whole back tail piece

Why is your 95 Chevy Caprice anti theft light on?

i can crank my car caprice 1994 passkey

What is a infl rest light on a 1991 Chevy Caprice?

Inflatable Restraint (airbag)

How do you change the tail light lens for a 1994 Chevy Caprice?

Remove the bolts !

Why anti lock light is on in your 92 Chevy caprice?

brake line has air...

What causes battery light to come on On a 98 Ford Expedition?

what causes the battery light to on a 2005 ford expedition to come on?

Where is 1996 Chevy Caprice classic coolant gage sender?

My coolant light come on want can it be.

What does the Battery Low light mean on a Chevy Cobalt?

The battery in the key fob is low.

What are causes of battery light coming on in an 1991 Honda prelude?

A few causes that will make the Battery Light come on are: 1. Faulty Battery 2. Loose Battery Connection 3. Battery is not Charging, ie. Faulty Alternator

Why would the running light on a 1991 Chevy Caprice not work at all?

It isn't getting voltage or ground

Why did the ABS light come on the dash on a 1995 Chevy Caprice How do you get it fixed?

There is a problem with the ABS. Take it to a professional.

Why is your 1991 Chevy caprice classic LTZ battery draining if not in use for a couple days?

It shouldn't be draining that fast unless you have a light on or something. The battery might be bad. For longer periods of inactivity you can disconnect the battery because the computer and radio draw small amounts of power even when turned off.

Brake light won't work on 1986 Chevy caprice classic?

Check the brake light switch on the brake pedal. Might have to replace it.

What causes your park brake light and battery light to blink?

The button on your dashboard

Why does battery light on in Chevy Malibu?

Alternator is not charging. Have it tested and/or replaced.

What causes the battery indicator light to come on in a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

alternator is probably not charging. you need to fix this NOW. new alternator is likely the only repair.

Why does the oil light and battery light come on when you turn your key but not start the vehicle in your 1985 chevy caprice?

That is exactly what it is suppose to do. This allows you to check and see if the lights are working properly. If they did not come on and then go off when you start the engine, you would never know if the bulbs were working properly.

93 Lexus sc 400 battery light on?

The battery light usually comes on if there is a charging system problem Either battery or alternator are the usual causes.

Whats wrong with your 2001 Chevy Malibu i just got a new battery and my battery light is still on?

The battery light is to show when the alternater is not charging. A new battery wouldn't make any difference.

What color are the speaker wires on a 92 Chevy caprice?

left is yellow and brown the right is light blue and dark blue

What causes the battery light on the dash to come on in a 99 Mazda 626?

flat battery!!stupid,..

Why is the battery light on in your 1994 Chevy Corsica?

possible battery drain, either bad wiring or alternator issue.

Why is the battery light on in a 98 Chevy Express van?

you need a new alternator

Why is the 93 Chevy Caprice wagon gate ajar light on?

Rear gate or door not closed all the way. Slam it shut.