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alot of things, mine was doing this thing where it would not rev over 1500 rpm, i re-tuned it, replaced the throttle position senor, and 02 sensor, if i was you i would try disconnecting the throttle position sensor and see if that helps, that's how i found out mine was bad

Do remember to check your fuel pressure at the injectors. If any of the following are not working right you will see very similar issues and never find the true source until all parts are looked at: Fuel pump might be dieing, fuel filter might be clogged, Fuel pulsation dampaner might be faulty, fuel regulator might be faulty, and the injectors might be worn out and clogged.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 22:20:43
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Q: What causes a 1988 RX 7 SE NA to have no power and not idle and feel like it has about 10 HP when driven?
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