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a few seconds,it want keep running,i've put in new pick up coil,module ,coil packand still still it cuts off

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What type of weather is associated with a low pressure area?

usually during cold weather

What causes weather changes during a tsunami?

Nothing. Tsunamis are not related to weather in any way whatsoever.

Driving at 50mph or above what causes a loud knocking clicking sound?

Driving at 50mph or above what causes a loud knocking clicking sound during acceleration?

Air pressure is usually low during which season?

Air pressure is usually low during the summer season. It is common during unsettled, stormy summer weather. High pressure is associated with calmer weather.

What is a weather warning?

The Meteorological Office issue weather warnings, usually during the News programmes, or weather forecast, or at pre-determined times during shipping forecasts.

Explain convection and how it plays a part in global weather?

Convection causes the Global weather to change in the tropics. Because of the expansion of the heat during the process of convection, it causes a convection current.

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The weather change.

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Carbon monoxide levels are usually highest during cold weather?


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The weather usually starts to get warmer during March and April, sometimes it starts to get warmer in late February though.

Are carbon monoxide levels are usually highest during cold weather?

no it does not. It is decreasing.

What causes a 1995 Chevy G30 to stall and cut off after driving hot weather but run fine in cold weather?

Because during the summer, due to your hood absorbing much heat, it kills it. This is because naturally your vehicle puts out a lot of heat. But during the winter, your engine does not risk overheating because the air around it allows it stay nice and cool.

Why my Camry 1988 overheated during driving about an hour with the hot weather?

Carbon monoxide levels are usually highest during cold weather true or false?


What causes a knocking noise to occur during normal driving while slightly turning right.?

tie rods

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There is absolutely no problem with the France weather for the people who are natives of France and other European countries. The weather is usually a problem for some of the immigrants especially during winter.

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It can vary, but is usually damp, grey and miserable.

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usually during spring, it could happen anytime the weather is cool enough and there is precipitation.

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Yes, unless the weather prohibits it.

What are the driving conditions between Phoenix Arizona and the Grand Canyon during late March?

They are usually outstanding.

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What causes jerking and surging during deceleration?

That only usually only happens in a manual transmission

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It might snow during the winter, but the roads are in excellent condition, so just check the weather forecast.

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warm weather