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check your fuel filter by trying to blow through it, if its hard replace the fuel filter, or your fuel pump is trying to go out

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Q: What causes a 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva sputter and lose speed going up a hill?
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What causes a 2002 Honda Passport to sputter?

it may have somthing in gas line or your fuel pump may be going out

What causes your 1988 Honda Civic to sputter idle rough and act like it is going to stall?

Bad Valves or fuel pump usually from redlining the care

Where is the fuel filter located on a Oldsmobile Achieva?

the filter is under the car even with the rear tires coming a few inches out from the gas tank there are two lines going to the tank one has the filter on it its very simple to reach and change

What causes a 1993 Ford Festiva to sputter when on acceleration only when going forward and not backward?

If a car sputters when it accelerates there may be a problem with the ignition. Another option is that the timing belt is malfunctioning.

What causes engine temp to fluctuate in 1997 Oldsmobile silhouette?

Either bad ground on your gauge or your electric cooling fans are going bad.

What makes a 1999 Dodge Dakota sputter?

There are a few things that can cause a 1999 Dodge Dakota to sputter. For example, the battery may be malfunctioning or the park plugs can be going bad.

Why does my engine sputter when revved?

There are many reasons why an engine will sputter when revved. There may not be enough fuel getting to the engine, there may not be enough electricity getting through the car, or the computer could be going out.

What is the black hose with an elbow on the end of it sticking out of the firewall on a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva?

It is the drain for air conditioning condensation. I was going to say heater core drain for when it springs a leak or [goes bad]. Is there two of these hoses in different locations or dose one serve both purposes?

Is there a vacuum line going to the transmission on a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue?


What causes the engine to sputter?

Start of with the maintenance items: Tune up parts-cap, rotor, plugs, fuel filter, air filter, pcv, wires. The plug condition may help clue what is going on. Clean Throttle plates and intake valves

What can a clogged fuel make a car do?

A clogged fuel filter or fuel line will likely make your car sputter as if it is going to stall.

Why would your Tahoe sputter?

Bad port on the spyder injector , or 0xygen sensor going bad , and pluging up catalytic convertor

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