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The fuel injection is not getting gas. Fix or buy a new fuel injection pumb.

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When did ford start producing the 4.6 engine?

Ford introduced the 4.6 liter engine in 1962 in the Ford Fairlane. It was a replacement engine for the 5.0 liter Windsor engine.

Wiring diagram for a 1987 Oldsmobile cutlass sierra?

Engine rotates but will not start

What causes a puff of occcasional white smoke occasionally at 5.7 liter gas start up?

WHITE SMOKE is engine coolant / antifreeze burning. That is due to a head gasket leaking on the 5.7L 350 engine.

Why won't my 1995 jeep wrangler 2.5 liter engine start?

The starter is out?

What causes a 1999 sierra 5 3 liter to hard start only if its been setting the right amount of time sets short time starts good sets long time starts good maybe fuel regulator?

I had exactly the same problem with my 1996 Dodge Intrepid. The fuel pressure regulator was leaking which caused flooding of the engine if the engine were off for the right length of time. Too short and the engine did not have time to flood. Too long and the fuel evaporates and engine is no longer flooded. Just right and the engine is flooded and hard to start.

How do you remove a broken spark plug from a 6 liter vortec 2002 gm sierra 2500?

Keeping the plug wire out of the way, Start the engine. In a few minutes the engine pressure should push out the porcelain center from the plug. At this point you can use a tool called an easy out to remove the threaded part of the plug.

How many liters of engine oil for a 1988 G.M.C. sierra GMC Sierra 1500?

5 QTS. with a new filter. Some hold 6 qts. start with 5 first.

What does engine failure cause?

Your question is sort of backwards, perhaps you meant what causes engine failure? Engine failure causes...the engine to fail. If someone told me their engine failed I would take it to mean that it stopped running, or wouldn't start.

What causes engine hard starting and shaking after engine start?

Timing needs adjustment is the most likely cause.

What could be the possible causes for 4.2 liter engine to not start?

could be the fuel pump, numberous amounts of sensors, or your coil , first I would check the fire then see if its getting gas if it is its a sensor or timing chain or belt

What causes the engine not to start when security light is on?

The security is keeping it from starting which is what it is supposed to do.

What causes fuel to be in its gaseous form and the engine won't start?

vapor lock

Where do you start the firing order for a dodge 5.9 liter engine?

At cylinder 1, should be labeled on distributor cap.

Can your 2.0 liter interference engine be OK if the timing chain broke during start up?

Maybe, but not likely.

Whats causes a 96 geo prizim to get fuel and fire to the engine but engine wont start?

Check the timing belt.

What causes the engine not to start on the 1996 E320 Mercedes BEnz?

A. No fuel B. No spark

What causes the engine to backfire when trying to start a 305 Chevy?

It's lean. You have to figure out why.

What causes your car not to start first turn of the key?

Check the battery and the connections to the engine.

There's light blue smoke coming from the tailpipe when i start the car what causes this problem?

You probably have a little oil seeping into the combustion chamber while the engine is off. Once you start the engine, this oil is burned and causes the smoke you see.

What are the main causes for a cummins 2500 diesel engine to fail to start properly when engine has reached normal operating temperature?

There is no such engine as a Cummins 2500 Diesel.

Why wont your 2000 GMC Sierra start?

Starter won't crank over engine? Battery or battery connection issues. Starter cranks over engine but engine won't start? Being a GM product I would suspect fuel delivery problems (bad fuel pump).

When using remote start it shuts off after 5-10 seconds and check engine light stay on in Chrysler 200?

The remote start is disabled when the check engine light is on. You need to have the system checked for codes with a scan tool to know possible causes.The remote start is disabled when the check engine light is on. You need to have the system checked for codes with a scan tool to know possible causes.

How many amps are needed to start a V 8 engine?

There isn't one set answer for this. It'll have to do with the displacement of the engine, the output of the starter required to get it to crank at enough speed to start, etc. Huge difference between, say, a 4.6 liter Land Rover V8 and a 12.0 liter Detroit Diesel 8V92 diesel V8.

Why my 2000 gmc sierra VORTEC hard to start?

Your 2000 GMC Sierra Vortec might be hard to start because the battery or the starter are worn or dead. The GMC Sierra might also be hard to start because of a clogged fuel filter.

What causes your car to backfire when you try to start it and will not start?

The timing of the engine is off or the spark plug wires have been hooked up incorrectly.