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What causes a 2000 camaro to have reduced engine power?


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2006-12-19 20:13:12
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IS the check engine light on? The computer has the capability of putting the car in a "limp home mode" if somethign is wrong. If no check engine light, your fuel filter may be clogged and blocking fuel or the fuel pump is getting weak.

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Reduced engine power, on your 2005 Pontiac Montana, can because by several things. The most common cause of reduced power is a lack of fuel.

Depends on what engine and what year Camaro you're referring to...

The reduced engine power light means that there is a problem with the battery or power system. It almost always means a battery connection issue.


gmc serra engine power reduce,can't drive no power

Depends on the year, engine, etc...

It is reducing engine power because a sensor dictated a serious problem and to keep the engine from damaging itself it'll go to engine power reduced stage and it vibrates because its at a rough idle

why would you want too? go with a v8 5.7 tpi more power .yes you can. my husband just recently bought a camaro with a 3.4L engine.

305 at the crank for camaro and trans am and 345 for the corvette

The engine power reduced light will turn on in Chevrolet HHR when a failure is detected in one of the sensors or engine components. An OBD II code reader can determine the cause and help with making repairs.

A warning on the dic showing an engine power reduce, indicates that there is an electrical problem with the Chevy Malibu. These issues could be worn or damaged sensors, wiring issues, a weak battery, engine overheating or stored codes that could be causing the warning.

im having the same problem with my 03 silverado check this out link out for your answer

I have a 2006 Saturn ion. The reduced engine power light came on and the car still runs but will not accelerate and only goes 30mph

depends on year, model and engine size. All very different.

In order to use less gas, the size of the engine is reduced, but it also reduces its power. A turbocharger is then added to increase the power of the engine.

the 1985 camaro Z28 had 178HP from what I remember of the 3 I owned back in the 80's but that is the 5.0 HO engine NOT the 5.7 ltr

have battery tested bet it is no good

Could be one or more of many possibilities. It would have to be diagnosed.

Check the 92 Camaro neutral safety switch next. If the switch is faulty then the starter will not get power to start the engine.

When my Reduced Engine Power Light came on in my 2004 Envoy it ended up being the entire pedal assembly and the electronics that control it. If I remember correctly it ended up setting me back around $500.00. Hope this helps!!

It means that the engine is running hot. Need to check the cooling system real close.

That means the engine is running hot for some reason are another. OVER HEATING

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