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well, it sounds like u have a clogged idle speed control valve, carbon deposits are to blame, u can always take it out and clean it since it is a fairly expensive item(about$500)

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What effect does excessive revving have on your car engine?

Excessive revving of an engine causes overpressure in the crankcase. It causes unhealthy expansion in the pistons and the valves.

What causes your Mitsubishi 3000gt sl injectors over flow?


2 causes of noise pollution?

Two big causes of noise pollution are vehicles (cars, trucks, car horns, revving engines, planes, ect) and loud music.

What causes a squeaking sound of a 1991 Toyota 2wd truck when revving at high rpm?

bad or going bad alternator belt

What causes a lawn mower engine to constantly rev up and down?

Revving up and down is usually a symptom of a dirty air filter.

What causes diesel to emit white-grey smoke from exhaust when starting and revving engine?

Injectors, timing, low cylinder pressure.

Can bad gas cause a push rod to bent?

NO it will not. Over revving engine, Rocker are adjusted to tight, Bad lifter. These are some common causes of that.

What causes an atom to be neutral?

An atom is by definition neutral. A collection of particles is called an atom if it has the same number of protons as electrons, and thereby has a neutral charge.

What causes a blown head gasket on a 7.3 Ford diesel?

The two most common causes are either an overheating issue or over revving the engine. If over heating is the cause then the head could also be warped.

What causes rod bearing failure?

High mileage Abuse/over-revving Lack of engine oil or incorrect oil Lack of oil & filter changes

What kind of arrangement causes an atom to become neutral?

an atom becomes neutral if the atom has an equal number of electrons and protons.

What causes a 3000gt to miss fire?

Miss fire on any car is usually ignition related. Checking the spark plugs & wires is a good start.

How is variation causes?

There are several causes for variation that occur within a population. Some of these causes include neutral mutations, sexual reproduction, and diploidy.

What causes the neutral light to stop working on a ATV?

broken bulb

What causes the power wagon to not move when in gear?

If its a 4x4 it's in neutral probably

What causes burning on neutral points in a circuit?

Loose wires. Corroded connectors.

What causes an atom to be electrically neutral?

the atom possesses an equal number of electrons as protons

What causes an automatic corolla not to move when you put in gear and start?

It being in neutral or park.

What causes chemical compounds to be neutral?

The equal number of positive and negative electrical charges.

What causes a clicking noise in the shifting lever?

That is the neutral safety switch making the click sound.

What causes a car to not idle in gear but not while in park or neutral?

A vacuum leak (Brake booster).

What causes my 1997 grand am 5 spd to start without pushing in the clutch?

neutral safety switch is out

Is milk of magnesium neutral?

It is slightly alkaline to neutralise the acid in the stomach, what ultimately causes hear burn.

What is a phase to neutral fault?

There is no such thing as a 'phase to neutral' fault. You are thinking of a 'line to neutral' fault. A line to neutral fault often occurs when the insulation between a line conductor and a neutral conductor breaks down and fails. This results in a short circuit which causes a large line current to flow and which should cause any overcurrent protection device to operate and disconnect the line.

What does the neutral safety switch causes?

What does the neutral safety switch cause. Does it cause serious hesitation or what make the car want to stop or what because that is what my car is doing . And I'm told that this switch is the problem.

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