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What causes a 4.5 Briggs mower to rev up and down?

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What causes a lawn mower engine to rev up and down with out moving the throttle setting?

The governor spring adjustments

What causes a lawn mower engine to constantly rev up and down?

Revving up and down is usually a symptom of a dirty air filter.

What causes a Briggs and stratton engine idle speed go up and down?

The most common cause of engine surging (rev up and down) is a dirty air filter.

Why use a centrifugal clutch on lawn mower?

on a racing lawn mower it would be good, just rev up your engine and will engage.

Why does lawn mower engine power fluctuate?

If you mean the engine will rev up and down as it is running, it has been my experience that a dirty air filter is a cause of the fluctuation.

Why wont your lawn mower rev up and it keeps dying?

not getting gas. clean\carb rebulid needed

What causes a car to over rev?

If you don't shift it!!!

Need pull cord assemble for Briggs and Stratton motor rev number 030253 and serial number 1012737668?


How did rev off avenge sevenfold die?

'Natural causes' apparently.

What causes small gas engines to rev up and down?

The govenor on the carbeurtor, When the motor is not getting enough fuel and is about to cut off, The govenor kicks in and squirts more fuel in to keep it alive.

Your 1992 Cabriolet almost stalls when you rev the engine almost likes its bogging down but its not carborated. What causes this.?

u need to take a chip out of a PC and put it in the computer change the fuel filter

What causes a mower to rev up and down?

Look for a dirty/clogged air filter or fuel filter. A more likely cause would be a blockage inside the carburetor. Secondary, a bad gasket somewhere between the carb and engine block. A clogged fuel filter would allow the engine to run ok for a few minutes before surging, and a blocked air filter would cause a rich running condition.

How do you take off a governor?

Unless you have an old farm tractor or lawn mower the rev-limiter or governor on todays cars are operated electronically by the PCM (Powertrain Control Module).

What song has these lyrics if you want the lord to help you bow down?

Bow Down by Rev. Robert Smith Jr.

What causes an automatic transmission to shift hard?

i have a 200 f150 p/u if I put my foot into it it will accellerate and shift as it should until 60 mph. at that time it will over rev and I have to slow down and dissengage over drive.

What is the name of the song by rev theory that is played when randy enters the ring?

The Song That Rev Theory Singwhen Randy Orton is coming down the Ramp is "I Hear Voices"

How do you rev an engine?

Push the gas pedal about halfway down, then release it real quick.

What causes your 1992 Acura Legend to to rev when im in park?

YOu might have a cracked head gasket- that what caused mine to do that

What causes an engine rev up and go on its own?

it might men that your gas intake lever is sticky or rusted

When driving down highway at 50 mph my 2000 volkwagen golf will rev up to 5000 rpm?

if this is a standard , it probably as a bad clutch ..... they tend to slip in high gear or higher speeds first which causes over reving

What causes a Hyundai Elantra 2001 manual transmission's engine to rev while in neutral?

I had this problem, I had a faulty TPS sensor

Why do golf mk4 engines rev up and down when its stood still?

your air/fuel ratio

Why would a 1997 grand am gt idle rev up and down?

A vacuum leak can cause that.

Why does the legend shut off at high rpm then kick back in as the car slows down?

Rev limiter to save the engine from blowing up. Rev limiter to save the engine from blowing up.

What would cause a 1994 cherolet suburban to rev up and down then die?

check your ( TPS ) sensor