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your lifter could be lose and need tighting i had a 91 z24 and that was a common prolem for me once every 6 months i had to do that

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Who started the freedom press?

Who started the freedom press?

What clothes make smooth after washing?

permanent press clothing

What things control how much friction is present?

how hard you press and how smooth a surface is

Does hot press causes miscarriage?

No it cannot.

What causes excessive RPM when you press the accelerator?

Tranny problem.

How can you download smooth criminal?

You go on iTunes store, type in Smooth Criminal in the upper right hand corner, then press buy on the song preview. (Once you fin you fave version)

When did Benjamin Franklin start up his printing press?

1728 he started up the first printing press yo

Can the person that started a fight press charges?

They could press civil charges, but would be likely to lose and be counter sued. They cannot press criminal charges, but the State can.

When you shift gears and press on the gas again the car wont go then it will shake violently then accel erate?

you have to ease on the clutch, transition between releasing the clutch and applying the gas.

What was the Gutenberg printing press made of?

Gutenbergs printing press was made from wood. He started with carving the different letters from wood but found them to be very fragile. Soon after he started to use lead as the main component for his types.

What do you do when someone starts a fight and wants to press charges?

they cant press charges because threy started the fight but there fighting they cant do anything

Which English daily started by subhash chandra Bose?

free press journal

When was the first bodum tea press produced?

The first Bodum Tea Press was produced in 1991. The company started as a coffee press company, but they introduced the concept of using tea instead of coffee.

What is the 4 causes of the Renaissance?

causes of renaissance: capture of constantinople, decline of fedualism, new trade routes, spirit of enquiry,invention of the printing press

What causes your car to die when you press the brake?

A faulty power brake vacuum booster could do that.

When you max on barbell bench press if you put it up uneven does it count?

Yes...but you could injure yourself. The Bench Press is an exercise that causes problems with shoulder flexibility.

How do is sign free players in football manager when you just started playing?

you press enter twice

Slideshow can be started by pressing what function key?

Press F5 to start a slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint.

What three inventions started the scientific revolution?

The light bulb The printing press The steam engine

Why do you burp when you press any area in your body that is paining?

Gas trapped inside your body causes pain in the area and when press it escapes from your body i guess. By the way i have same problem

What causes a whistling sound when idling but stops as soon as you press the gas?

Your engine probably has a vacuum leak

How do you start engines in flight simulator 2002?

press F4 to get the engines started on flight sim. 2002

How can you save a game started on Pokemon diamond?

Press X and you will see the save botton click on it and it will save

How do you get split screen on borderlands when you already started?

srry but you cant press start and exit to the main menu.

Whenever you press a key on your keyboard it highlights the next icon on desktop that the key started with like when you press L it highlights the next word that starts with L how can you fix it?

This is part of Windows.