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Your idle may need to be set up a little I had the same problem with my 1992 Geo Metro 3 cylinder 1 Liter, when i stopped at a stop light the car would die. Check your compression on all cylinders, most likely the problem is with some burned exhaust valves. I overhauled my motor, new piston rings and replaced all exhaust valves, now it idles just fine. Answer--- You may have a flithy air filter which will starve the car. Or it could be dirty injectors and a fuel filter that needs changing. A whole lot cheaper to try these before you do a rebuild.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-30 13:47:18
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Q: What causes a Geo Metro to die when you stop at a light unless you hold the brake and gas together?
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What causes hard brake pedal on 1993 Geo Metro?

try bleeding the brakes or checking the fluid

How do you install rear brakes on a Geo Metro?

how can I remove adrum brake from geo metro 1992

1999 Geo metro brake light comes on when turning left?

low brake fluid

How do you jail brake an Android phone?

Any help on ulocking metro accend

Wiring diagram for brake lights on a 97 Geo Metro?

Most auto parts stores have wiring diagrams for a 97 Geo Metro. This includes wiring diagrams for the brake light, head lights, and much more.

Why is my Geo Metro is stuck in park and how do you fix it?

put your foot on the brake.... if that doesn't work you have to fix the wiring for the brake/transmission interlock

What causes a brake light on the dash to stay on in a 1988 Plymouth Voyager?

Low brake fluid and the parking brake being on are the two most common causes.

Probable causes for brake warning light on?

It probably means that either the brake fluid is leaking or the brakes are failing. You should get it checked out. Can be that the master cylinder is low of brake fluid. Unless you have a leak this is a sign that your brake pads more than likely need replacing. As the pads wear the fluid level goes down. Inspect your brake pads.

How do you remove rotor from 92 Geo Metro?

to remove brake rotors you will need to remove the hub assembly. you will need a slide hammer. unless you have this tool and lots of patience i would recommend letting a mechanic work on it.

Why wont transmission on Geo Metro shift into drive?

Sometimes when used to driving manual transmissions, we forget to press the brake pedal to release the safety so we can shift the automatic into gear. It will not shift out of park unless you do this.

What causes the brake lights remain on?

Bad brake switch. Typically located at the top of the brake pedal.

Where do you put in brake fluid in a 1991 Geo Metro?

Should be a reservoir on the firewall driver's side

Why is my Brake lights not turning off on 1990 GMC Sierra?

Brake Lights that Will Not Turn OffAlthough it's possible there could be other reasons, the most common causes for brake lights to stay on continuously include:The brake light [if mounting position is adjustable] is out of adjustment, orThe brake light switch contacts are fused ["welded"/melted] together, orThe brake light switch is otherwise defective.

2000 Mountaineer what causes it to not want to shift into drive unless you let off on the gas?

Most vehicles will not allow you to shift from neutral or park into drive unless you have your foot on the brake. It is a pretty simple logic flow in the car's computer.

What causes brake hissing even when vehicle is stopped?

air coming out of the brake lines... that is if its a truck. if you aply the parking brake.

Why does your 92 Metro brake light go on when you take left hand turns?

fluid level low

What causes the fuse to pop everytime you press on the brake pedal?

A short in the Brake light circuit? Bad brake light switch?

What causes the brake light to stay on in your 1986 Dodge D150?

possibly a bad brake switch located on the brake pedal assy

What causes your car to die when you press the brake?

A faulty power brake vacuum booster could do that.

You replaced brake pads on 2001 Focus and calipers witll not engage Please help?

i had a similar prob but it was related to the brake booster. it is a cylendrical device that creates brake pressure and when deffective causes the brakes to be engadged and causes brake wear and slow gas mileage and warpping of brake drums and excessive wear of brake pads..... often over-looked.

What causes squealing in brake pads?

Dust, unevenness.

What causes rear brake rotors to overheat?


What causes hot spots in brake rotors?

Hot spots are caused by over heating the rotors Causes: "riding" the brakes, faulty brake components, general abuse

What causes no tail lights?

I have a 03 gran prix and my brake lights doesn't come on when I go to brake

What causes the brake warning light to come on 2001 Chevy Malibu?

Low brake fluid possible