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head casket is broken between water port and piston hole and anti freeze or water is blown out by exhaust.

2009-12-16 13:41:13
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What are the causes of high pressure in RX7 cooling system The system loses coolant through the coolant bottle afte the radiator cap releases coolant.?

faulty pressure cap or center housing has rusted through to the outer seal ...

What causes a 2002 PT Cruiser to leak antifreeze?

have the coolant system pressure tested to help diagnose your problem.

What are the causes of high pressure in Toyota Hilux SR5 2003 cooling system The system loses coolant through the coolant bottle afte the radiator cap releases coolant?

Sounds like you may have a bad head gasket.It will leak exhaust into the cooling system and create alot of pressure

What caused the 1997 Monte Carlo to run hot?

many possible causes, low coolant, worn out coolant, bad thermostat, no circulation (water pump) radiator blockage, pressure loss somewhere

What causes the engine to have a excessive white smoke when first start?

pressure test the coolant system you will find a blown intake or head gasket

What causes low coolant light to come on?

Low coolant level.

What causes the low coolant light to go on?

when u have low coolant

Why do you hear a gurgling noise from my car when I'm stopping?

The gurgling sound is caused by pressure in the engine coolant system(antifreeze) slowly releasing into the coolant overflow resevoir. Typically a faulty thermostat causes this sound.

What causes a coolant reservoir to overflow in a 2001 Chevy Malibu during operation?

It could be a couple of things. The coolant system could be over full. There could be a clog in the radiator. Or possibly the thermostat but not likely. also, the ford coolant tank is pressure sealed, if the cap to the tank has a defective seal, it WILL overflow when you stop your car, or whenever the pressure builds

What cause engine to run hot on a PT cruiser?

Normal causes are low coolant and an inoperative radiator fan.Normal causes are low coolant and an inoperative radiator fan.

What are the most common causes of the Low Coolant light on a 2002 Chevy Silverado?

Low coolant

What causes coolant light to stay on on a 2002 buick century?

Low coolant? Bad sensor?

What is the force that causes turgor pressure?

The force that causes turgor pressure is osmosis.

Why is the coolant a milky color?

The coolant has oil in it. Possible causes are a failed headgasket, or a leaking oil cooler,

What causes Coolant indicator light to come on when you first start your car?

Check to coolant level in the coolant recovery tank and radiator when engine is cold

What causes pressure to cooling system to force water into overflow reservoir?

Radiator pressure is caused by coolant expanding as it heats. The radiator cap allows that pressure to build until it reaches a certain point (determined by the manufacturer which is why it's important to use a proper cap for the vehicle) then a spring compresses and coolant is allowed past the cap seal. The coolant flows through a hose to the overflow tank. Now here's the magic part. Back in the day, before reservoir tanks, that excess coolant just fell to the ground, wasted. Now, with the tank, the liquid is actually drawn back into the radiator as the engine (and coolant) cool. The result, an always full radiator Cheers

What causes coolant loss when vehicle is turned off?

A leak.

In your passat 1.8 T why does it beep 3 times when you start it?

Three beeps when starting a Passat 1.8T signals a problem with the car. A weak battery and a malfunctioning ABS are the two most common causes.

What type of pressure system causes most storms?

pressure system causes most storms

What causes a night heater to blow cold air?

Low coolant, bad coolant, blockage in the coolant line, bad heater core or element, bad thermostat

What causes coolant light to flash on an off on a 97 Pontiac grand prix?

low antifreeze , or faulty coolant sensor .

What are the causes of absenteeism of workers?

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What causes increases in barometric pressures?

Low and high pressure systems. Obviously if you have a Low pressure system the barometric pressure will get low. High pressure causes the barometric pressure to rise.

What causes the check coolant light to come on and off?

Coolant level low or level sensor malfunction.Coolant level low or level sensor malfunction.

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