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One reason is if you are using a copper ionizer this can casue a black coating anywhere on the pool. If this is not the case it could also be your pH off balance. Other than that I do not know.


AnswerI had black build up in the skimmer once. It was attributable to a forest fire in the mountains close by. The air had soot and ash and this settled down on the pool surface and eventually collected around the strainer.

I had the black build up also. I was using an algaecide from Walmart that was greasy and foamy. When the sugarcane farmers would burn the fields, the ashes would get caught in the oil of the algaecide. Once I switched to a better algaecide, the problem is not nearly as bad.

This can also be caused by traffic fall out for a time I had a hell of a lot of diesel traffic passing my front door. I have a floating pool skimmer and every time I happened to be standing next to the pool when the auto started it up at first a layer of black scum would build up in it. I thought it might have been from the traffic. I think I was proved right, when heavy traffic was diverted about a kilometer away the black scum stopped forming straight away.

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Q: What causes a black build-up in the skimmer basket?
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