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It sounds like an axle going bad. Take it to a shop and find out. Check the axle boots and see if one is torn open. If so, replace that axle.

This could of course (like pretty much everything in vehicles) be a number of problems, also depending on the specifics of your problem. I've experienced a similar sounds, and feeling as well, if you feel for it. For me, it started as a bumping/grinding/clunking noise, as well as a bumping sorta feelings, especially if taking off fast around corners. I let this go for a while, assuming it was wheel bearings, which could be one problem.

For me, i waited till it became serious (because I'm cheap). I drove off the highway (over 140km/hour, or about 80 mph, i think) These high speeds seemed to completely ruin whatever was going bad. Now the grinding continued even when driving straight. It turns out my drive shaft was old and breaking. So it could definitely be a drive shaft problem. It cost about 350$ for a new one, but that's for a front wheel drive, Mazda Protege 1994.. so it's not a very long shaft. But anyway, consider this, because it was kinda scary driving on it.

It is most likely your CV joint going bad. what happens is the constant velocity joint comes from your axle to your wheel to turn it. there are two "boots" on each side to keep the joints greased. one of these boots may have ripped causing the grease to be expelled. if you are already hearing knocking you probably need to replace the whole joint because it is most likely already damaged.

2017-02-20 12:54:06
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