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What causes a burning red rash on a 4-year-old's bottom?

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Their urine is too acidic. If you are giving your child apple juice or Orange Juice then water it down or don't give it to them for awhile. You can use Lanocane to help calm the soreness and redness down or, put 1 full cup of Epsom salts into tempid bath water and have your child sit in that for 20 minutes to 1/2 an hour. Epson Salts is a wonderful thing (doesn't sting) and is good for bad sunburns as well. You may have to ask the druggist where the Epson Salts are in the store. Keep it handy! It's also good for aching muscles and sore feet.

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What causes a red burning rash under the armpit?

Alcohol in deodorants

What causes a burning itchy red body rash?

you scratch yourself alot in one spot

What causes a red burning rash on your face?

If you are worried you should go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor).

What are chafes?

Chafes is when a persons thighs rub when they walk and it causes a burning rash espically when it's hot kalled chafe!!

What is a red rash on child's bottom?

diaper rash

Can you put hydrocortisone on the shingles rash?

Hydrocortizone cream is safe to put on a shingles rash. You can also get prescription Lidocane from you doctor to apply. Avoid Benadryl as it can cause the rash to worsen in some people. Also avoid Bagbalm as it causes a burning sensation.

Why is there a burning sensation when you get rosacea?

If you have rosacea, the burning is from the rash. You can put an ice pack on it to help with the burning.

What causes a Skin rash with red lines?

Poison ivy often causes red lines in the rash.

What causes a red burning itching rash on face and neck?

That can be anything from a heat rash, Eczema, dermatitis. The best thing to do is not to touch it and if it doesn't go away (or it gets worse) within a couple days, consult a physician.

What STDs are caused by protozoa?

Trichomoniasis is the STD spread by protozoa. It can cause burning with urination, discharge, and sometimes a rash. It causes a foul vaginal odor as well.

What is Red burning rash on penis that water irritates?


What are the symptoms of scombroid?

Scombroid causes flushing of the face, sweating, a burning feeling in the mouth or throat, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches. A rash that looks like a sunburn may occur,

What causes a itchy rash on your wrists?


What causes your skin to flush?

a rash or an irritation

What causes rash in the face?

its what you are always sneenze about

What causes a poison ivy rash?

Poison ivy has oils on its leaves. Contact with these oils causes a delayed rash reaction on most human skin.

What are red bumps on baby's?

Red bumps on a baby's bottom could be a diaper rash or even a heat rash.

What causes rashes on the forehead?

what is the cause of rash on forehead

What causes rash on tongue?

You can be allergic to something you ate.

What causes you to have a red nose or a butterfly rash?


What causes a rash by your testicles and inner thigh?


What causes diaper rash in an infant?

A diaper rash is simply the skin becoming irritated from a diaper being wet or soiled. It can also be caused my sensitivities to foods the baby (or nursing mother) has eaten. You can prevent diaper rash by frequently changing diapers and allowing some time for the child to be naked so that their bottom has time to air out.

Does teething cause a rash on the body?

It is unlikely that teething causes any type of rash on the body. It may be a coincidence.

Can EColi Cause A Rash?

yes if it causes a rash take a hot bath with baking soda for 1 h

What would be red pinprick like itchy burning rash on legs and arms?