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Could be many things. Can't say exactly what. But, here are a few things I would check. Do you have trees in the area you park your car? If so, you could have leaves pine needle or other dibree in you heater vent that could have caught fire from your heater motor. I actually had this happen once, it filled my pickup cab with wood smoke. It smelled like that every time I used the heater until I sold the truck. You heater core could have a leak and the antifreeze smell could be coming through your vents. Or your heater motor itself could be going bad and melting the winding on the motor armiture. I'm sure there could be other things like electrical shorts, lost cigar behind the ashtray. Hope that gives some help.

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Q: What causes a burning smell from a car heater?
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What about a burning Smell from brakes?

A burning smell from a car's brakes means that you are braking very hard or there is a electrical short circuit in the car. Another reason for a burning smell may actually be coming from the car's heater.

What causes a burning smell from car ac?

Several thing scan cause a burning smell from a car A/C. One cause can be that the compressor is burning up. Another possibility is a wiring shortage.

Car heater smells like burning rubber?

A car heater that smells like burning rubber could be an indication of a belt that is slipping. The slipping belt smell can be drawn in from the engine compartment into the passenger cabin.

How can I tell Heater core is leaking?

If you try turn on the heat and a huge cloud of smoke fills your car, or you can smell burning anti-freeze....then you have a busted heater core.

Why does my car smell like burning rubber only when the heat is on?

It could be your heater fan bearing. But more than likely its something in your engine compartment that is making the smell. Such as oil burning on the exhaust or a worn accessory belt.

What is the smell off antifreeze in a car and burning eyes?

possibly a leaking heater core look for antifreeze dripping into the interior of the vehicle. usually it is the core or hose connected to the heater core.

What causes a burning smell from the wheel well on a car?

If the car is a manual and you are riding or slipping the clutch it could be that. Otherwise if you have been real hard on the brakes lately they can create quite a smell aswell.

Why does manual car smell like burning rubber?

Because your burning your clutch.

Can smell coolant burning from car tailpipe?


Why does heater in car smell?

there could be several things, dust in your heater could just be burning a little (normal! not a problem) or your heater core could be burn out and leaking fluid all over where you can't see. but don't take my word for it!

New car burning smell?

The new car burning smell is probably just the oils burning off the engine. As the engine warms up for the first time, it will release a odor that smells like something is burning.

Why does a smell like something is burning come through the vents for only a couple of minutes when the car is started in the morning?

The possible explanation for the smell may be that the heater core in the vehicle has a slight leak, therefore the smell of evaporating antifreeze will come through the vents until it is all dried up. Solution is to take the car to a garage and get the heater core replaced.

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