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A burp and releasing gas (fart) are two separate phenomena, usually with two separate causes.

A burp or belch is caused when swallowed air comes back up the esophagus from the stomach. This can also be bubbles from soda, beer, or other drinks, or gases caused by digestion of food.

Flatulence is primarily caused by fermentation of waste in the large intestine, where bacteria feed on and break down organic molecules that remain in food. It contains nitrogen, sulfur, and methane. Drinking large quantities of bubbly drinks (soda, beer) can also result in flatulence as these liquids can still contain dissolved carbon dioxide when they reach the intestines.

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Q: What causes a burp or flatulence?
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Use flatulence in a sentence?

If you eat something that causes flatulence, you will be uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

Why do you burp when you drink soft drinks?

The carbonation causes you to burp

What causes a dog to burp?

The same thing that causes anyone to burp. Trapped gasses escapes via the same passage as humans at a rapid rate and thus sounds off a burp.

What is the term for a food that causes flatulence?

a gassy food

What causes egg burps?

burp juice

What causes you to burp?

Well alot of people ask what causes you to burp well maybe you drank pop or something like that well if you burp alot of if you burp constently you should see a doctor or if you have gas x you something can get ride of and it does not work and if it gets worse then you should see a doctor

How does the carbonation in sodas make you burp?

it gurgles in the stomach that causes gas in your stomache that comes through the esofigous and you burp

What kind of gas do cows produce?

Methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, same kind of gas any animal lets out if they got flatulence or have to burp.

What causes the noises in flatulence?

The noise made by escaping flatulence (farting) is caused when the released gas vibrates the tissues of the anus, and in rare cases the cheeks of the buttocks.

How do cucumbers cause gas?

Cucumbers and other melons contain a substance that causes flatulence.

What happens to carbon dioxide when animals eat plants?

Cows release more carbon dioxide when they burp or release flatulence than a car does for a whole month....or something like that.

What causes a person to burp a lot?

I think it has to do with air bubbles in your stomach. If you drink something with a lot of carbonation, the air bubbles will make you burp a lot.

Is drinking of excess water causes burp?

Yes, drinking excess amounts of water especially in a short period of time can cause one to burp.

Does egg white have sulpha in it?

Yes, but it is called sulfur. It is what causes eggs to cause "smelly" flatulence.

What causes a burp to occur?

It happens when you swallow too much air with your food. The stomach already has air, so it releases a gas in what we call a belch, or a burp.

What can cause long term diarrhea and flatulence?

Cholera, for one (but there are many, many causes). look at your diet.

What are the negative possibilities from Coca-Cola?

It can make you burp, which causes global warming.

What are whizzpoppers in the BFG?

a delicious drink called frobscottle, which is fizzy and infinitely refreshing. It is rather unusual in that the Liquid_bubblein the drink travel downwards and therefore cause the drinker to Fartinstead of burp; this causes noisy Flatulencethe BFG calls Whizzpoppers.

What happens if you eat raw barley?

In Most people it causes massive amount of gas, which results in excessive flatulence.

Why do you burp if you eat something spicy?

Burping is from excess gas. If spicy causes you gas, then yes.

What are the bubbles around the bottom of two of your plants?

flatulence flatulence

What is the medical term meaning passing gas?

Flatulence.FlatulenceflatulenceFlatus is the name for the intestinal gas that you pass from the rectum.

How do you burp the ABC?

you burp

What is the medical term meaning human gas?


What is a sentence for the word flatulence?

"In addition to eating certain foods, drinking carbonated beverages can also increase the chance of flatulence.""The strange smell in his den was found to be the result of flatulence from his cat.""A noisy release of flatulence can be embarrassing in public."It's gross when people have flatulence problems.