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Buzzing sound on 3.4 V6I'm stumped. I have the same sound coming from my 1997 3.4 V6 4WD. A very short "bzzzt" of less than a second and if you have the hood up for any length of time you'll probably hear it. I've tried to find where the sound is coming from but can't actually pinpoint it. It's somewhere around the power brake master cylinder on the driver's side. I thought it might be some type of pressure release or something that occurs soon after shutting off the engine but no, it's definitely an electronic sound. I've even heard it a few days after shutting off the engine. I'm stumped.

---that's the evap system

The answer to this question is in the link below. It also tells you how to fix it.

My 98 Tacoma just started the same thing yesterday. It is coming from the box right beside the Master brake cylinder. There is a hose that comes out at the front of the side and goes to the radiator. That hose had popped off. I put the hose back on but the truck sputters kinda like it is missing a cylinder. Can someone help PLEASE.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 22:21:12
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Q: What causes a buzzing sound under the hood after turning off your 1996 2.7 4cyl tacoma 4wd?
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