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My first thought is that the wheel bearing is failing....replace it soon! The other idea is the front half shaft CV Joint is failing. ( the front wheel shaft on the side the noise comes from)

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Q: What causes a car's wheel to knock loudly when you are turning?
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Why does the car knock when accelerating and turning?

if its front wheel drive its the C V joints in the axles

What causes a thumping noise in the front right wheel when turning?


What causes a grinding sound when turning and a whining sound when accelerating?

possibly your wheel bearing is on its way out

When was The Turning Wheel created?

The Turning Wheel was created in 1954.

What causes noise in left rear area when TURNING right in 1997 Nissan Maxima?

Wheel bearing?

What causes a car and the steering wheel to shake when turning left at high speeds?

have front suspension checked

What causes 1994 Chevy Camaro horn to blow when turning steering wheel?

Short in the wiring with the steering column.

What causes squeaking when parked and turning steering wheel?

low air pressure in your tires. fill 'em up!

What causes squeaking when turning the steering wheel of your 96 buick regal custom?

you need power steering fluid.

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What is the diffence of a four wheel drive and a two wheel drive?

two wheel drives have two turning wheels. Four wheel drives have four turning wheels, meaning that it has twice the turning power of a two wheel drive.

Noise when I turn the steering wheel on left?

If a car makes noise when turning the tie rod can be worn. Tie rods allow a vehicle to turn, when they fail the steering wheel will knock and rattle making all kinds of noises.

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