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Sounds like worn out front wheel drive CV (constant velocity) joints. A CV joint is a flexible coupling attached to a drive axle. A front wheel drive car will have 4 of these. (2 per side)If they are making noise they probably need to be replaced. If it is a clunking/knocking sound it could be a bad CV joint. If it is a whining sound the Power Steering fluid may need to be flushed, or possibly the power steering pump may even need to be replaced. If it is a knocking soud while turing, your problem is a rusted out strut mounting pieces, your going to need to get it fixed before it brakes and comes through the top of your wheel well.

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Q: What causes a car to make a noise during hard left or right turns?
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Rutling noise in a car during hard left or right turns?

bad cv joint aka axle shaft

Why is there a squeaking noise when you make right turns in your 98 grand Cherokee?

Could be one of your belts.

What makes a rumbling noise in front end of f-250?

Possible wheel bearing, see if noise changes on left & right turns.

What are the symptoms of a bad axle for a 1998 Chrysler Concorde?

Will not move, shake on acceleration, or a popping noise during turns.

What percent of turns are right turns?

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2004 Grand Am Serious grinding noise from front right wheel when making sharp left turns parking etc- no other symptoms?

97 grand am rubbing/grinding noise from right front that is not wheelbearing or brakes

What causes a 1995 Nissan Quest to pop and click during turns?

Worn out CV joints

What causes a car's rear to make loud thumping noise when making turns or riding over bumps?

Possibly a broken shock or bad stabilizer bushings

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What could cause a whistling noise during left turns on a Saturn LS1?

check the power steering fluid level and belt tension.

What are the symptoms of bad CV joint in a 1995 Toyota Corolla?

A clicking sound either when you are driving or when you make a turn. The Clicking sound will come from the outside wheel during turns, such as if you turn left the right cv will generally make the noise.

What causes a bumping sound when making left or right turns?

it is when u turn the tires lift the hit the ground

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What does tat tat tat noise from differential on 91 Honda lx indicate when making left or right turns?

Defective CVC joints. Replace them ASAP.

Why does your water tank make clicking noise?

it is were it turns on the heat to warm it upThe coefficient of expansion per degree per inch causes the metal to expand and contract making the sounds

What would cause a knocking sound in the front of a 1993 Nissan Sentra during acceleration and right turns?

AnswerNoises have to be heard to correctly diagnoise. TAke it to a garage. But a good place to look for a noise when the driveline is under torque ( accel and turning) would be the CV axles.

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2000 Malibu steering clicking noise?

if clicking is in turns than a front axle needs replaced. if turning right it is your left axle-- turning left it is your right axle!! the clicking is the cv joint in axle.

Why is my 99' cougar making a loud roaring noise and picks up RPM's when it is cold outside?

It turns out that it was a bad idle air control valve. Right after I replaced it the loud noise stopped. About a hundred dollar fix, it was well worth it!

Why does car make a squealing noise when it turns?

When a car makes a squealing noise during turns it means that your roters are worn out and you need new ones, bad breaks can cause wear on roters due to more friction heat being pruduced because of the lack of break pad material so you probably need to get new breaks as well.

I have a citroen xsara Picasso and it has started to make a knocking noise from the wheel when the car turns left or right. Has anyone else had the same problem?

anti roll bar

Why 97 sunfire noise only when turning left?

if noise during accelerating probably cv(constant veloscity) joint easiest to shange whole driver side axle shaft if at all left turns not accelerating may be in steering, suspension, or allignment.

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What causes a noise in the car after you turn it on and then after 30 seconds it turns off by itself?

This will be a guess, but most Nissan trucks, after you first turn the key to ON, before starting the engine, the electric fuel pump in the tank will turn on and prime itself. It turns off when the fuel pressure rises to normal

Why is your Honda Crv making a juddering noise during tight turns at low speed?

need to replace rear diff oil,use genuine oil only,will fix problem.