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What causes a car to stall when put in gear?


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2006-01-11 06:52:06
2006-01-11 06:52:06

Try changing the fuel filter. I have a 1984 Mustang with 3.8L V6. On some older cars you tend to accumulate a lot of crud in bottom on fuel tank. And when you get to about 1/4 tank some of it comes up. I changed 2 filters in less than 6 weeks and have not had the problem again. Take a look at the motor mounts. I had a car that would stall when put in drive and while looking at it, when i shifted into gear the motor would tilt forward or back, some wires were being pinched off shorting out and causing the engine to stall when put into drive. If it shakes violently when it dies it is most likey your transmission. It happened to my Dodge.


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If you mean each time you engage car in any gear forward or reverse & it immediately stalls - you have a bad torque converter. Start engine, put foot on brake, put car in NEUTRAL, if it DOES NOT stall, but it does stall if you repeat this test when you put car in drive or reverse = bad torque converter - It's called a "stall test"

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what causes a boat motor 40 hp to stall when it is put in gear

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If your car has a automatic transmission, put car in neutral get a rolling start then switch to Drive. If car stays running your problem could be a solinoid switch in transmission. The trans. is stuck in second or third gear which would cause your car to stall out.

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