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Could be a hub cap, in which case removing and driving will answer that. Better chance of a half shaft on it's way out. A half shaft runs between the transaxle and the wheel. On each end there is a constant velocity joint. The joints are each covered with a black bellow shaped boot to protect the joint. Stick your snoot under the side that is making the noise and inspect the two boots. If you see grease flung out from the centrifical force, look closley at the boot(s) for a crack or tear in it. IF so, replace the halfshaft. While you can relace just the joint and boot, it is more costly, more of a pain in the butt and you still will only have one new joint.

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Q: What causes a clicking sound when front left wheel turns?
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What causes brake lights to flash when left blinker is turned on?

when you flip your blinker on, a relay in the circuit is activated which turns the light on and off. also, the front blinker and rear blinker usually alternate in turning off and on, so when the back is on, the front will be off, and reverse.. that's why when a bulb is out, the clicking sound in the vehicle goes faster than when both are in working order.

What causes a clicking or chirping sound from the wheel well area on a 2003 Buick Lesabre?

Possibly a defective CV joint if it happens in turns, or if it only happens when you apply the brakes, then it needs new pads.

2000 Malibu steering clicking noise?

if clicking is in turns than a front axle needs replaced. if turning right it is your left axle-- turning left it is your right axle!! the clicking is the cv joint in axle.

Why is car making a clicking sound when you make turns?

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What are the symptoms of bad CV joint in a 1995 Toyota Corolla?

A clicking sound either when you are driving or when you make a turn. The Clicking sound will come from the outside wheel during turns, such as if you turn left the right cv will generally make the noise.

How can you tell the front bearings are going out on a 2000 grand am?

"clicking" when taking turns -- indicates CV joint is going bad

What is causing a Front end clicking sound on my 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo during hard left turns like pulling into a parking space?

probably the constant velocity (cv) joint could be right or left and inner or outer

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What could be the cause of my 1999 Toyota Camry making a clicking sound when I make left turns?

You should check the cv joints on your drive line. When they start to go bad they'll start clicking when you turn.

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What could cause a clicking noise from the front drivers side tire on a 1997 Volvo 850 when driving straight and through turns.?

The clicking sound that the front tire is making when turning is caused by the velocity joint, I suggest that you replace it rightaway because it means that the metal bearings of the velocity joint has already lost one ball and if it breaks apart - the bigger problem is transporting a car with a wheel that won't roll

When your PC boots up and then makes a clicking sound and turns off what is the problem?

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What causes a metal sound when making left turns only in a 1992 Buick LeSabre?

CV Joint going out

What causes a bumping sound when making left or right turns?

it is when u turn the tires lift the hit the ground

How do you know when your soleniod switch bad?

clicking sound but engine wont turn over. jump across terminals on starter if engine turns over solenoid is bad.

Why is a wheel making a thudding clicking or knocking sound during moderate to tight right turns?

Could be a wheel bearing, better have it checked out soon before the wheel departs from the vehicle.

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What could be the reason for a clunking sound in the right front end of the car while making left turns even when the axles are found to be fine?

if it is a front wheel drive check the cv joints

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How do you know when it is time to replace your CV axle on a 95 Toyota Camry?

If you can hear a clicking sound coming from the front end when you go around tighter turns. If you can hear clicking turning right, you should replace the left CV joint and if you are turning left and hear the clicking sound you should replace the left CV joint. I strongly recommend getting it replaced sooner rather than later. A CV joint should run anywhere between $75-$125. I recommend a CV joint of a higher quality, which means more money, and with a lifetime warranty, it will be worth it, especially with them never say die Toyota engines.

What is wrong if a car is slowing on right turns and after turning there is a rattling sound under the passenger side?

if front wheel drive perhaps cv axles.

Why would 1998 Honda Civic make a rattling sound on front left wheel which you hear rounding curves and occasionally when driving straight Completely stops when car stops?

You might want to have the CV joints checked. When bearings start to go out, they make a "clicking" or "rattling" noise while driving - especially while making turns.

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