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What causes a flash flood?

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Flash FloodA flash flood is caused by excess water, usually from a storm. This usually happens downstream from the storm as heavy rains produce more water than the area can handle with nothing to impede its buildup or soak it into the ground.

As a weatherman in Oklahoma recently put it: "It is when a large rain and storm system hovers an area and does 'not leave' or 'move on' (as generally seen with systems) but instead stays, dumping supernatural amounts of water in a "flash," overwhelming even the more extraordinary and multi-competant drainage and levy systems."

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Causes flash flood?

Heavy rains.

Is flash floods the same as floods?

No, a flash flood is a flood that's REALLY fast and causes a lot more damage.

How big is a flash flood?

How big can a flash flood be?

How can protect to flash flood?

flash flood wall

Was the Gloucestershire flood a flash flood?

In 2007 in July Glouctestershire was hit by flash flood (a flash flood is a flood that happened really quick due to lots of rain)

Can there be a flash flood in the north central plains region?

No there is no flash flood.

How much people did the flash flood in wollongong kill?

1 in August 17 1998 flash flood and 1 in March 2011 flash flood

A flood that occurs within a few hours of heavy rain?

That would be called a flash flood.

What is the most common flood?

the flash flood the flood light

Was the flood in Bangladesh a flash flood?

Yes it was a flash flood. It was caused by very heavy rain over a long period of time. Also, you might want to know some of the causes. Causes: Tropical storms. 10% of land rivers or lakes Urbanisation. (When someone builds on top of a river or fooldplain.) Hope this helped. Xxx

What is a flood timberland?

A flood timberland is a flash flood. A flash flood is the rapid flowing of low-lying areas such as rivers, basins, and dry lakes.

What is the difference between a flash flood and a lag response flood?

Flash flood - A flash flood is a sudden inundation of water in low-lying areas, usually brought on by heavy rain or a dam break

What is the difference between flood and flash flood?

Flash flood comes and goes really quick. A flood takes longer and takes longer to go away.

When was A Flash Flood of Colour created?

A Flash Flood of Colour was created on 2012-01-16.

What is a sudden flood that happens after a storm?

A flash flood.

What is deadlier regional or flash floods?

flash flood

How do you overcome flash flood?

By getting flood barriers and sandbags

What is a flash flood?

A flood that happens do to the overflow of a lake/river.

Is a flash flood dangerous?

Flash floods are dangerous because they come without warning. There is no way to prepare for a flash flood, because it cannot be predicted.

What is a flood and a flash flood?

A flood is an instance where an area that is normally dry land is covered in water. This can happen for a number of reasons. A flash flood is a flood that occurs quickly, often covering an area in minutes or seconds.

Can someone give me a book summary of chris ryan flash flood which includes what happens at the end of the book?

You can find a book summary of Chris Ryan's flash flood on

What is a flood that occurs with a few hours of heavy rain?

A flash flood.

What is a flood that occurs within a few hours of rain?

A flash flood

Five-letter word for a sudden flood?

A flash flood?

What to expect during a flash flood?

Lots of water suddenly falling at once is what causes a flash flood and this can last for ages which is why sometimes you can get really heavy flooding. The roads will fill with water as the drains can't take any more and you will have to run for cover! Hope i helped ;)

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