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I always thought there was something fishy about that myself but you have brought up a new area. My question is: In what part of her body are you sniffing?

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Q: What causes a foul cheesy smell in a woman's body?
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Smell of ammonia from the body?

If you can smell ammonia coming from your body while you are sweating, you have a high protein, low carb diet. These combinations causes your body to turn the proteins into energy and this is what causes the smell because you have more protein than your body needs.

What four body fluids that transmit the virus that causes AIDS?

Blood.seman,milk in the womans breast,urine

What makes your body smell?

to much exercise causes sweat.

Where are the gonads located in the womans body?

Gonads in womans body are the ovaries. They are located inside the abdomen

What is the cleanest part on a womans body?

her lips

Can sperm lay dormant in a womans body?


Where in the womans body are the sperm deposited?


Can a man change his body part to womans body part?


How come I DON'T smell bad while on my period?

Its your body every girl and boy is different sometimes your vagina has smells and sometimes it doesnt have a odor or smell at all (i kno allot of womans health stuff and im only 11 XD)

Can you have a fishy smell when you are pregnant?

Rapid changes in the hormone levels of a pregnant womans body can cause different odors. This, while uncomfortable, is not uncommon. However it is recommended that any noticable changes be reported to the womans doctor and gynocologist, and that the woman be examined, as the changes in odors can also be sings of infection.

Who is the author of the womans body Bible?

adrianna bocanegra

When does an egg get released in a womans body?

during ovulation

What is a womans essential body fat percentage?


What hormone does a womans body release when going into labor?


Can alcohol kill living sperm in a womans body?

No. If only it was that easy...

Where does sperm first enter the womans body?

That depends on where the penis is when it ejaculates...

What do you smell at a basketball game?

you smell body smell

When fasting what causes a persons breath to smell fruity?

A person who is fasting may notice that their breath will begin to smell fruity. This is because the body is going into ketosis. This is also common amongst those who have diabetes.

How smell is generated?

Smell is generated through hormonal changes in the body. Most smell are emitted through the body's sweat glands and the smell will vary depending on what state the body is in.

Where are babies in a womans body?

The baby is in the womb, which is basically in the lower half of her stomach.

How do girls get periods?

It is just a natural thing that comes through a womans body

How long can a sperm cell live in a womans body?

Up to five days.

Can butter flies smell?

they use their hairs on their body to smell

What body parts are used to smell with?

Your nose is used to smell with

We can't smell the perfume on our own body but a person approaching can smell it why?

We get used to the smell. You can smell it when you first put it on.