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What causes a fuse to blow on a 1998 eagle talon and stalls the motor?

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It could be your fuel pump fuse or just your fuel pump. i had the same problem it was just the fuse on mine

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What motor should you put in your 1994 eagle talon?

A 4g63 motor

Will a 1992 eagle talon coil over fit a 1996 eagle talon?

If they both have the 4g63 2.0l motor then yes

Is the motor for a 1994 eagle talon interference or noninterference?


What size motor is in 1995 eagle talon?

2.0 liter

Will a 1996 eagle talon 2.0 turbo motor fit in a 1996 eagle talon non- turbo body?

they are the exactly the same, so yes a turbo engine will fit in a non turbo talon

Difference between 97 neon dohc to 97 eagle talon dohc motors?

There is no difference. Both the Neon and Eagle Talon ESI share the same 420A motor.

When was Eagle Talon created?

Eagle Talon was created in 1990.

Will a turbo cylinder head for a 92 eagle talon turbo work on a 92 talon non-turbo motor?


Can the motor from a 1997 Eagle Talon TSi fit into a 1997 dodge avenager?


Will a 1991 eagle talon engine interchange with a 1992 eagle talon?


What engines by year or vehicle will fit into a 1993 Eagle Talon?

ny 4g63 motor out of eclipse another talon or a Mitsubishi l200 truck

What causes no injector pulse on a95 eagle talon 2.0 turbo?

A no good ecm

What motor can be swaped in to a 92 eagle talon for better performance?

i would swap it with a 4g63 t

Where is the fuel cut off switch for 1991 eagle talon?

Sorry, no fuel cut off. If you need to stop fuel flow, you need to unplug the wires at the fuel pump(by fuel tank) then run motor till engine stalls.

Is there much trouble to swaping a 1992 eagle talon ES non-turbo motor with a 1991 eagle talon turbo motor?

Yes much trouble. The motor mounts are not the same as well as the axels. It would be easier for you to convert the 420a engine to a turbo modified. They make turbos kits for the 420a

Where is speed sensor located on a 1998 eagle talon?

on top of the tranny but in the back of the motor hard to see and get to but you can

Can a 1991 Eagle Talon turbo fit on a 1992 Eagle Talon?

obviously its the same 4g63 engine

Eagle talon fluid?

"which fluids?" No the Eagle Talon is not fluid in state. As a whole, it is typically considered a solid.

Would a 92 eagle talon transmission fit a 95 eagle talon?

no it wont. the blocks are different..

How much does a fully dressed eagle talon 4G63 motor weigh?

without the headers and the turbo, it is close to 400lbs.

What motors will fit in a 1997 eagle talon?

420A esi motor 2.0 or can go with a tsi motor with a turbo but involves alot of time work and money

What is the claw of an eagle hawk or other birds of prey?


Where is the number 1 cylinder on a 93 eagle talon non turbo?

When your looking at the motor it will be the first one next to the pulleys.

Where is the camshsaft position sensor on a 95 Eagle talon 2.0 L Turbo?

right side of the motor at the top its black

Where is speed sensor 1998 eagle talon 5 speed?

Where is the speed sensor on 1998 eagle talon 5 speed