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What causes a heater to blow hot air as soon as you turn it on but then to blow cold air?

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If the car is setting in the sun.Heat builds up in the ducts.

With my car, it was Heater matrix clogged with radiator sealant. The workshop cleaned it and it's start working fine!

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Why does The horn fuse blow on 1997 Plymouth voyager as soon as replaced?

There must be a short in the system somewhere that causes the fuse to blow.

Would a broken thermostat on my Audi a3 s reg 1.6 stop your heaters from blowing warm air at the moment they only blow cold?

Thermostat may not be opening to allow coolant to flow through heater box. Thermostat may be opening too soon allowing cold coolant to flow through heater box. Either way thermostat needs replacing

2000 Pontiac firebird heater will not blow hot?

Is coolant up to level? Are heater control cables functioning to their full travel Thermostat may be defective and opening too soon. Heater maybe either "airbound" and need to be bled or may be plugged

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Your heater heats when air is being recycled but as soon as you open fresh air valve it turns cold The thermostat and coolant has been flushed and changed This is on a 1993 Mazda 323?

sounds like you need a new heater matrix.

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Why would the heater work fine while driving over 40 mph but as soon as the car drops below a certain speed the heater starts blowing cold air?

The problem you have sounds like a vacume leak, most likely under your dash, in your heater control tubing. As your driving speed increases, so does the vacume created in your intake manifold, and as your heater control is vacume actuated, it is affected by engine RPM's. Look for a loose fitting, or a tube joint that has come apart under the dash first. Start the car, listen for leaks, you could even blow smoke around the lines to see the smoke get sucked into the loose fitting. If nothing under the dash is found, the vacume leak may be elsewhere, but that usually causes a rough idle too. Hope this helps! W. Cook Canada

What causes a 1987 Toyota pickup to run super ruff cold and soon as it gets warm it runs sweet?

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How do you fix the heat in a 94 Chevy S-10?

add water to the radiator. believe that. if there is no water flowing through the engine, your heater will only blow cold air. if there is no water flowing through the engine and your heater is only blowing cold air, and not HEATING, your heater core is probably going out or will be soon. most people believe that if you have no water in the engine then your temperature gauge will run hot and you will know that you are overheating the engine. WRONG! your temp gauge only measures WATER temp. But if there is no water to measure, there is no temperature rise showing on the dashboard gauge. if you have NO WATER in the engine you can seriously overheat your engine and not know it because the gauge is not getting any hotter than usual (sometimes your gauge will even read cooler than usual).

Who do you go for a hot water heater leaking problem?

Yes, if your hot water heater is leaking, you need to call a plumber. A leaky water heater can be very dangerous and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Why does your heater only blow through the defrost vent on your 1994 Ford F150?

Idk know but mine does it when i start off from a red light or stop sign and as soon as i let off the gas or it changes gears (automatic) it comes through the vents like normal.

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Where is heater core in 2005 Nissan Altima?

why is my 2006 Altima blowing cold air when not in motion , example stop light or as soon as it is idling even when it has ran for a long time and the engine is warm. The controls for the "doors"(vent covers that direct the air)are run by vacuum. There cold be a vacuum leak of one of the doors is stuck.

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Why does a '95 Ford Contour blow hot air onto your feet when no fan is on?

your heater core is going out it sounds like. Have you had any fluid on the floor of your car? if not watch for it it will come soon. the heater core is like a mini radiator usually right behind the center console (where the radio is) it the engine compartment, you can find 2 hoses( they are the size of a Half dollar) on the fire wall. Try Flushing your Radiator and clean the whole engine cooling system, as the heater core is connected to that system.

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Why does a fuse blow as soon as the key is turnes on a 1990 jeep?

Something in the circuit is drawing too much power.

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