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A bad, stuck or dirty float needle inside the carburetor.


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you tube how to clean a mower carburator.

If your lawn mower is pulsating, it may mean that it is not getting enough fuel and the carburetor may need cleaning.

They are for the fuel solenoid shutoff

Sounds like you need to clean your carburetor. Before messing with the carburetor, check the fuel filter - it might be clogged.

You either have a bad float or/and bad needle and seat, which is causing the carburetor to flood. The fuel then flows through the valves and piston and mixes with the oil. The diluted oil will not lubercate and you will sieze the engine.( Not good!)

It is not fuel injected so yes it has a carburettor

Directly into the carburetor throat (remove air cleaner).

There will be an inline filter on the fuel supply line from the tank to the carburetor

Dirty or stuck open needle valve in carburetor.

If you are talking about the bulb button it is a primer to get gas to the carburetor if the mower has not run for awhile. Usually not needed to restart a warm mower.

Look for a rectangular-shaped component on the engine. That is the air filter housing. The housing usually attaches at the top of the carburetor throat.

The fuel filter is clogged or the carburetor needs to be cleaned and/or adjusted.

grab it around the throat (carburetor) and choke it until it starts.

always tip it so the carburetor is facing up towards the sky.

Front of the engine screwed to the carburetor

Try cleaning the carburetor if there is a filter replace it.

A gas lawn mower is a lawn mower which is powered by gasoline.

a lawn mower mows or cuts a lawn :)

When one of the lawn mower's wheels enters the grass it causes the lawn mower to slow down due to friction. If you keep pushing on the lawn mower, the wheel on the grass will act like a moving pivot, and the lawn mower will turn to a different angle.

Any good lawn mower repair shop should be able to order just about any brand of mower part for you. Good luck.

The air filter is usually located inside the canister that is bolted to the carburetor.

You probably have a dirty carburetor causing that surge.

Take a clean rag and stuff it into the tank - it will soak up the water.

It is natural for fluid to seek its own level when a container is tipped. When you turn the mower "on its side" for blade removal/installation, do not turn it on the carburetor side - turn it to the oppsite side instead.

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