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compreshon, spark plug, wires, roter cap, timing any of these


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In general (very loosely) a misfire can be a bad plug, wire or coil.

what causes hesitation on ford f150 truck

Change spark plugs and wires... TUNE-UP...

Do a proper diagnosis to figure out the cause of the misfire, then repair it.

i have a 1998 ford expedition and i had simaliar to the same problem. does it feel like your loosing power? on my truck it was a misfire on my engine coil i would get that check out

I had the same problem with a 1999 Expedition and it was a bad plug. Ford had a problem also with the plugs blowing out. It cost me about 1200.00

P0302 is a cylinder number two misfire. Causes include spark plugs, injector, internal engine failure, etc.

Check the spark plug and the wire on the 8th spark cylinder. Corosion, short, or just bad.

exhaust leak misfire cylinder imbalance

This happens when there is an Active Misfire, or a urgent pending service matter. Get your codes checked.

the gun powder ispacked to tightly and the preassure builds up and can cause it to misfire

This could be caused by bad wiring but is usually caused by a weak coil. Change the plugs and install a new coil....I'd recommend doing all of them. This should take care of the misfire.

If it has the coil-on-plug design, it could be coolant dripping on the coil. There's a bulletin on it.

There are a couple of reasons why a 1999 Ford Contour may misfire. The spark plugs may need changed or the coil pack may be bad.

If the check engine light is flashing with the engine running , that means a spark plug misfire has been detected

Time to replace seals, this usually causes misfire.

Usually the plug unless it is a Ford product using individual coils at each spark plug - a common problem for these vehicles

With multiple misfires originating from the same coil pack, my guess would be to replace the driver's side coil pack.

No truck is better than Ford. Check the STATS:)

The biggest truck that the Ford Company offers is the F-150.

the noise coming from this truck is the uv goints

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