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Stress can cause a missed period or so can PCOS, Hormonal Imbalance, Endometriosis, STD, ovary problems or not ovulating. See your doctor.

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Q: What causes a missed period for more than 2 months besides pregnancy?
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You have missed your periods by 2 months i am 16 yrs old. is it normal?

No. It could be influenced by stress, malnutrition, or sickness. Besides pregnancy.

If you missed a period for two months does it mean that you are pregnant?

Not always but it's good to get a pregnancy test if you've missed it for 2 months.

What could be the cause of several months of missed periods?


Besides pregnancy what can cause you to be 2 months late?


What could it be besides pregnancy if you miss your period for 4 months?


Missed period for almost 2 months now have light spotting for 2 weeks?

If you have missed your period for two months you may be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test to be sure. If you are not pregnant, stress may be the cause of your missed cycle.

How many months have to pass by until the doctor tells you your pregnant?

After 8 to 10 days of your missed period. You have enough time to decide about to terminate or continue the pregnancy. It does not take months after missed period.

What could be wrong if my friend has missed her period (6 months late) and has signs of pregnancy but all tests are negative?

All home pregnancy tests*

If you've missed your period for three months and taken three pregnancy test that were negative what do you do?

See your doctor.

If you missed your period for 2 months but just started to have sore nipples along with cramping is that a sign of pregnancy?

Sore nipples and missed periods are two signs of pregnancy, yes. But the only way to be sure is to have a test done.

Does ept test work two months after you miss your period?

If pregnancy has in fact occurred a test will show an accurate response 2 months after a missed period.

Could you be pregnant if you've missed your period for two months but a home pregnancy test was negative?

It is possible to be pregnant. Home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. The best way to find out would be to go to the doctor and get a pregnancy test.

You missed almost two months of your period can it be that im pregnant or that you have an STD?

If you have missed your period for two months, you are probably pregnant. You could take a home pregnancy test, but you should see a doctor and if you think you could have an STD, you should see a doctor immediately anyhow.

Period two weeks late light spotting mild nausea I've had paragard for four years now Missed cycle for three months cycle came back in January missed feburary Possible pregnancy?

Pregnancy is unlikely with the IUD and unlikely if you are having bleeding. Take a pregnancy test if you are still concerned.

Is it ok to see the doctor only at 3 months pregnancy?

You visit your doctor after a missed period and have a pregnancy test if you had unsafe sex,if positive then early prenatal visit is advised and good for you and the baby.

Could you be experiencing anything besides pregnancy if you missed a cycle seven months ago but have been regular since and are now feeling and seeing movement in your belly?

You could be pregnant, gas or you could be seeing your stool move through your intestines depending on where you are seeing and feeling the movement. You should go see an OB-GYN immediately though because if you are 6 or 7 months pregnant it is important that you receive prenatal care, especially the last few months of the pregnancy.

You missed your period for 2 months could you be pregnant?

Buy and use an OTC pregnancy test kit, and make an appointment with your doc asap.

Had missed your depo shot didnt come on for eight months now im on could you be pregnant?

If your periods have started after stopping Depo Provera, you're certainly at risk for pregnancy. Signs of pregnancy are missing periods and a positive pregnancy test.

What is a pregnancy trimester?

a trimester is 3 months of your pregnancy. there are 3 trimesters in a pregnancy. 1-3 months, 4-6 months, and 7-9 months.

You missed your period 3 months ago but had it consistently the past two months any chance of pregnancy?

If you are having your periods then you are not pregnant. It is possible to have a "period" while you're pregnant (see iVillage article). Also, from experience I had light periods for all but the last three months of my pregnancy when my daughter was born.

How do you determine if you are pregnant even-though before menstruation?

You can take a pregnancy test from two weeks after you have sex. Other than a pregnancy test or missed menstruation it can be months before seeing symptoms.

Is it possible to have a missed period after 2 consecutive months of getting it?

Yes, it is possible to miss your period, even if it has come on time for two months. Pregnancy is the most common cause of a missed period. However, you could also be missing your period because of stress, hormonal changes or intense exercise.

What does it mean when a girl misses her period for 2 months?

Missed period can be an alarm for pregnancy but missed cycle not always means pregnancy. Your cycle could be missed if you had a stress (sometimes exams, meek love or fight with loved ones), if you are sick (some infection diseases), if you dramatically loose a weight, if you have some hormonal disturbances, etc. Discover more in recommended related link below.

You missed your periods after 4 months from when you had Can you be preg?

Take a pregnancy test. If the result is negative, go and see the doctor, because it is important to find out why you are missing your period

You miss your period for 3 months and no weight gain are you pregnant?

Weight gain is irrelevant during the first trimester. If you had intercourse and missed a period pregnancy is possible.