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If im right about the noise, its your cv joints. You can tell which one it is on hearing which side its coming from.

Well I believe its coming from both sides.however i did change the passenger side cv axle but not the driver side.and it only does it when im making a u turn.

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โˆ™ 2011-05-10 20:22:12
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Q: What causes a popping noise when you turn your wheel to the right?
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Why is there a popping noise when I am parked and I turn my steering wheel on my Honda civic?

The wheel has a whole in it.

What are the symptoms of a bad axle?

when you turn the wheel all the way to the left or right you here a popping noise when the car is rolling.

What could a loud popping noise be in the front end of a 1993 Toyota 4-wheel drive when you turn sharp?

That loud popping noise is most likely a sign that your CV axles are worn out. If you turn to the right and you hear the noise most likely it is the right side. and visa versa for if you turn left.

What causes a thumping noise in the front right wheel when turning?


What causes a popping noise in Drive gear and in Reverse gear?

If it is a front wheel drive vehicle it could be a bad CV joint. In a rear wheel drive car it could be a bad universal joint.

What causes the front right wheel on make a bumping noise?

Strut, ball joints, roll-bar coupling, wheel bearing

What causes a noise in the rear right wheel?

Normally a wheel or halfshaft bearing will whine at speed and will grind at all speeds, when severely worn.

What causes noise in left rear area when TURNING right in 1997 Nissan Maxima?

Wheel bearing?

Why does 1999 Chevy blazer make popping noise when turning steering wheel to the right?

You probably need new tie rods on that side. have someone turn the wheel and check to see if you have in play any where.

97 Chevy silverado Truck makes a popping noise turning right while braking and turning?

you might want to check your left side wheel bearings

Popping noise when you turn the steering wheel?

When you turn the steering wheel and hear a popping noise, it could be due to the power steering pump and a sticking valve so there is not enough hydraulic pressure. It could be caused by the steering linkage going out or low power steering fluid.

1997 GMC sierra four wheel drive not engaging?

I have a 1997 GMC 1500 4 Wheel Drive. When engaging 4 wheel drive there is a popping noise (different than and in addition to the normal sound of it engaging) and it does not always engage. Then it will even have a popping noise once engaged. Any ideas? Thank you for your input. Stan

What causes a grinding noise in your front wheel?


What would cause a 1999 Chrysler Sebring LXI front driver side to make a loud growling noise not a popping noise when turning left around a curve but be completely quiet when turning to the right?

Could be a wheel bearing

Wheel noise when you turn the wheel?

If the sound is a popping sound when turning it is a CV axle, If the sound is a squeaking sound it is most likely your upper strut mount, or a wheel bearing.

What would cause a popping noise in drivers front wheel when braking?

The popping sound could be a couple of things first off is your wheel tight? check lug nuts. Some of other causes may be damaged rotors and pads. check them by removing wheel and looking for damaged parts or worn out pads. other things could be front wheel dive axle CV joint but you would hear this when turning also.

What causes a humming noise when I am driving 30 mph?

Wheel bearing.

If the steering wheel causes the front wheels to make noise?

the steering wheel wont make the front wheels make noise as there is no generating source from the steering wheel. it will be the other way around.

Popping sound coming from right rear wheel trans am?

broken hub usually?

Car makes grinding noise from back right wheel?

If a car is making a grinding noise in the right back wheel, it could be a sign that a wheel bearing is failing. It is necessary to take the car to a qualified mechanic for repair.

What could cause a popping - grinding noise when turning a Windstar?

Possible causes of popping/grinding noises when turning:Wheel bearingsCV joint / axleBrakesSee "Related Questions" below for more

Is your wheel bearing out on your 2001 ford focus when it hums and vibrates the inside of your car and makes a popping noise when you turn left only when you are moving?

sounds more like a CV joint because of the popping, although wheel bearings do make noises like that when they are worn.

What causes squealing noise from wheels not belt or brakes?

check your wheel bearings

What causes a Loud roaring noise left front end?

Wheel bearing

Noise from left front wheel when turn right?

Worn left front wheel bearing.