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Insufficient water flow, air flow over the radiator, slipping belt, head gaskets bad etc. TAke your pick.

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Q: What causes a radiator to boil hot?
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What causes a radiator to boil over in a minute?


In a 1996 Plymouth Neon what causes the water to boil in the reservoir?

replace your radiator cap...

Your car is not registering hot but your overflow tank will boil?

Try a new radiator cap.

What causes a substance to boil or freeze?

hot or cold air

What causes water to boil in the radiator reservoir?

Can be the thermostat which is cheap to replace, or it might be the head gasket which is expensive.

Why does the water in a car radiator sometimes boil explosevly when the radiator cap is removed?

Water under pressure has a higher boiling point, if the water is already hot enough to boil it will suddenly erupt when the cap is removed and pressure relieved.

What cause engine to run hot on a PT cruiser?

Normal causes are low coolant and an inoperative radiator fan.Normal causes are low coolant and an inoperative radiator fan.

Why does coolant boil out of radiator?

you need a new radiator cap

What causes boil over in a 1998 Chrysler Concorde?

Low coolant, inoperative radiator fans, stuck thermostat, failed water pump, restricted radiator, head/headgasket.

What causes antifreeze to come out the overflow?

when your engine is hot it causes the water to boil and the water and the anti freeze will come out of the overflow pipe.

Why does the coolant boil in the surge tank but the temp gauge don't go to hot on a 1994 Chevy Caprice?

It could be that the radiator cap is not able to maintain pressure. Check the radiator cap for cracks or any other damage. Replace if necessary. DO NOT remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot.

What causes a Chevy 305 radiator recovery tank to boil while the engine is running at a normal temp?

It could be low on water and stuff, fill it.

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